Shoes I love this week: the ALL BONUS SHOES edition

Updated Oct 31 2019
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Turnstile Maven Heel in Green and RoseOh you know me and my theme weeks! Shoes for bigger feet! Smaller feet! Wider feet! Laces! Ankle straps! Frilly froofles! Flats! Wedges! SO MANY THEMES.

This week the theme is "shoes I like," which means it's ALL bonus shoes ALL THE TIME.

Most of these are from Modcloth, which as y'all know has inventory that comes and goes pretty quickly.

If you like it, snag it quickly before it's gone.

So clearly I need ideas for future shoe theme weeks… bring 'em on!

  1. First….anything with polka dots are always going to sway me.

    Second…shoe ideas. Hmm….you may or may not have already done these but here goes:

    Sneakers/Chucks/Vans style shoes. Cowboy boots. Stripes. Gold flats. Glitter shoes. Winter Wonderland. Slippers. "…dem boots with da furrr…" (I tried to say boots or shoes with fur on them, but I can't get this daggone song out of my head when I say it). Shoes with lace on them. Pointy toe shoes. Kitten heel shoes. Shoes with zippers.

    I could probably sit here all day and do this.

  2. Have you done light up shoes yet? How about something patriotic for those brides and grooms who want to show some love for their home or ancestral country?

  3. You just solved my shoe crisis! I knew when I would see the right ones, I would know.

    I saw two of the right ones and I'm getting them both.. because I really do need more shoe options…

  4. I would love to see a roundup of totally ridonkulous shoes. Like glitter disco unicorn type shoes. (Irregular Choice is obvs the first stop for insane shoes, but other sources would be very much appreciated.)

    And super-comfy shoes would be a great theme as well, speaking as someone who's trying hard to find a reason NOT to wear Danskos under my dress. (A big reason TO wear them is that I can't find the glitter disco unicorn type shoes of my dreams.)

  5. I know you've done boots before- but it was awhile ago and a bunch of them aren't available to buy anymore. I would love to see a page full of unique, non-cowboy, boots. I'm probably alone in this though. I mean, I can never get enough boots. Of course, I need medieval/fantasy style ones for my wedding so its totally a selfish request.

  6. Have you already done themed wedding shoes ? I would love to see some moon and star shoes, but of course that's because that's my theme lol

    • This! I would love to see more themed shoes! Whether it is moon and stars or fitting full themed weddings! Renaissance, steampunk, rustic, goth….some that are truly wearable and very far out there!

      I know my wedding is over, but I still love the shoe posts. I mean, it's shoes!!!

  7. Wow those lace boots. So girly and pretty yet not at the same time. Not in a color that would match anything I own, but I somehow love them just the same.

  8. How about location-specific shoes? Something like sandals that are water-resistant, for a beach or aquatic wedding. Or more themes, like birds, or nautical, or stars, or skulls (I remember and love the skeleton/bones post a while ago). I also second the polka dots, because I love them!

  9. Why not do shoe accessories, like clips and funky laces, charms? Maybe a featurette on the best DIY shoes on OBB Tribe & OBH, with a link salad to the tutorials? I'm mod-podging dictionary pages to some ballet flats, would love to share the link after I do it (which may be some time next year, wedding's not till next summer.)

    Also, maybe a saddle shoe round up? Or, since we're being *really* outside of the box here, groom's shoes? Or shoes for butch brides?

  10. Hard-wearing shoes. As in: you can wear these for your wedding… and EVERY DAY AFTERWARD. How to judge? I don't know… Brands with good track record?

  11. I put this on the Pinterest pin of the purple shoe but I wanted to put it here too so nobody else buys the shoe without a little info.

    If anyone is in love with this color for their wedding please prepare for a little heartache. I just got them and I am sending them back. While they seem a nice purple in the picture they're much more fuschia or berry (as described). The pair I received had the vintage finish so overdone that they look white in parts and fuschia in others.

  12. What about customizable shoes? Shoes where you can pick from a wide range of colors/materials in any of their styles, shoes where you can choose your heel height and shape, etc. One example: Sseko sandals, where you can get them in a black or brown base and choose from any number of pretty ribbon ties that you can wrap in any number of designs. I'm seriously considering some of those for non-wedding purposes! Honeymoon, maybe? Also, there are one or two websites out there that do customizable dance shoes, too.

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