"Who'd wield the chainsaw during the zombie apocalypse?" and 11 other offbeat questions for The Shoe Game

Updated Mar 15 2021
Question ideas for the shoe game
Photo from Kate & Nate's dark blue wedding with shoe games by Jamie Owens

Depending on your neck of the woods, your reaction to The Shoe Game could be anything from: "Oh, yeah, that game every couple plays at weddings around here" to "whoa, I've never heard of that! Tell me how to play NOW." But whether you've seen this game at weddings on the regular or Cait & Matt's wedding was the first you'd heard of it, we need to talk about what an Offbeat Bride Shoe Game would look like.

At its most basic, here's how The Shoe Game works:

  • The couple stands or sits back to back during the fun-and-games part of their wedding reception.
  • They each hold one of their own shoes and one of their partner's shoes.
  • Someone reads off a list of questions
  • Each half of the couple holds up the shoe belonging to the person they each believe best answers the question.

Now, the list of questions could cover just about anything, but you know at Offbeat Bride we're gonna spice things up. We've got 10 questions to jumpstart your own Offbeat Bride Shoe Game:

Question ideas for the shoe game
Photo from Cait & Matt's nerdy art deco and TARDIS blue wedding by Stephanie Kaloi Photography
  1. Who spent the most on Steam this year?
  2. Whose handwriting is more illegible?
  3. Who's the sloppier kisser?
  4. Who read The Silmarillion first?
  5. Who's better at composting?
  6. Who would leave in a heartbeat with the strange man in the blue box?
  7. Who's most likely to lose their smartphone?
  8. Who'd wield the chainsaw during the zombie apocalypse?
  9. Whose list of ex-es is longer?
  10. Whose taste in music is more esoteric?
  11. Whose dance moves are filthier?
  12. If one partner said "I love you," who would say, "I know?"

The best thing about The Shoe Game? You can turn this list of questions into anything you want — are you guys literature geeks? Make every question relate to your favorite books! Know every Doctor Who episode by heart? Have fun arguing about who'd be the Fourth Doctor and who'd be Sarah Jane! Just make it about you guys and how well you know and relate to each other.

So, what questions would YOU ask?

The Shoe Game 2
Photo from Kate & Nate's dark blue wedding with shoe games by Jamie Owens

    • Hmmm. I'd say Him, but I did buy him a game for his birthday, so does that count for me since I spent the money? That might tip it the other way….

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