Seychelles: wedding shoes you can walk in, dance in, and wear after the fact

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Clover Your Bases FlatIt's been almost exactly a year since I last did a shoe post about Seychelles Shoes, everyone's favorite solidly-heeled, 40s-styled pumps and sandals. Offbeat Brides love the ankle straps, the walkable heels, and the dance-friendly sturdiness of many of Seychelles styles. Last time I featured them, there was a chorus of comments from brides who'd worn them at their weddings:

“LOVE Seychelles! Own three pairs. They fit my wide feet so well, it's like I'm not even wearing shoes.”

“These are well-made, comfy, fun, and just enough of a splurge. Perfect!”

“They are sooooo comfortable to dance in all night.”

Ok, so clearly y'all love 'em. Let's take a look at some of their new styles! I'm including a ton of flats as well, so never ye fear!

Seychelles - Petunia (Teal/Orange/Gold Sude) - Footwear

Seychelles - Pomona (Vacchetta) - Footwear
Seychelles - You Started Somethin' (Pink Multi) - Footwear
Seychelles - All The Time (Mustard) - Footwear
Seychelles - Know What I Mean (Cobalt) - Footwear
Seychelles - Music To My Ears (Melon) - Footwear
Seychelles - Finders Keepers (Off White) - Footwear
Seychelles - Sweet Pea (Yellow) - Footwear
Seychelles - Turning Point (Green) - Footwear
Seychelles - Bonsai (Orange) - Footwear
Seychelles - Primrose (Gold) - Footwear
Seychelles - Freesia (Navy Multi) - Footwear
Seychelles - Heart Grows Fonder (Red) - Footwear
Seychelles - Juniper (Vacchetta/Gold) - Footwear
Seychelles - Alright With Me (Off White) - Footwear
Seychelles - Far Away Place (Tan) - Footwear
Seychelles - Late Night (Teal Suede) - Footwear
Seychelles - Cheeky (Mint Floral) - Footwear
Seychelles - Apology Accepted (Whiskey/Coral) - Footwear
Seychelles - Found My Way (Copper) - Footwear
Seychelles - All Dressed Up (Teal) - Footwear
Seychelles - Finders Keepers (Off White) - Footwear
Seychelles - Stop Traffic (Coral/Orange) - Footwear
Seychelles - Down To The Wire (Yellow Suede) - Footwear

Random bonus shoe!

Flamenco - Mustard

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Comments on Seychelles: wedding shoes you can walk in, dance in, and wear after the fact

  1. This is actually awesome — I was window shopping for wedding shoes yesterday, and upon re-examining my list, most of the shoes I loved are Seychelles. Yay for the universe finally conspiring to make me feel confident about a wedding purchase!

  2. For other comfy shoes, there are Mel and Melanie shoes – all made of plastic! They mold to your feet! SO comfortable.

  3. How did you miss the specifically wedding-themed and absolutely gorgeous Jumpin’ the Broom Sandal?! (jumping the broom=African-American wedding tradition). They’re so lovely, so comfy, and vegan to boot (unlike most Seychelles shoes and most wedding shoes in general). I purchased mine in the pale blue from DSW at a very reasonable price and couldn’t be happier. Here’s a link

    • I didn’t feature them because I’ve featured them so many times before! I tried to focus on their newer styles. 🙂

  4. Yeah! The Tipping Point (pictured above in teal) is my wedding shoe in purple! I love them! I bought them in black too and wear them at least three times a week and they are so comfy.

  5. Love that they have an ankle boot called “shenanigans”. I’ll be picking a pair of those up soon!

  6. I’m wearing Found My Way in mint green for my wedding, and I love them. So comfortable! Bless you, Seychelles, for enabling my overweening love of T-straps 🙂

  7. Thank you so much – I was just told today I have to buy my wedding shoes before I get my dress fitted (its a short dress and the seamstress wants me to make sure I have great shoes!) and this helped me find my pair. Earlier today a friend recommended Seychelles by name and then here was this post – its fate! All Dressed Up, you’re probably going to be all on my feet on my big day! 🙂

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