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Updated Oct 12 2015
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Everyone, chill the fuck out, Rebecca from Blush Celebrations has got this.
Everyone, chill the fuck out — Rebecca from Blush Celebrations has got this.

I've been in the wedding game for a few years now. Running a wedding website, you think you've heard and seen everything. But it's not until I get around wedding planners who specialize in non-traditional weddings and hear their amazing stories that I realize this: Wedding planners either have one of the hardest jobs in the industry, or the most fun jobs in the industry. And good wedding planners, like Rebecca Iverson from Blush Celebrations, have both.

Rebecca is the Seattle-based wedding planner who would literally give you the shirt off her back if you needed it, or throw you a bachelor party, or geek out with you. In fact, she has so many awesome adventures in wedding planning stories, I thought I'd do a Q&A-style interview with her…

Burlesque-themed wedding in a gorgeous red dress? Not a problem.
Burlesque-themed wedding in a gorgeous red dress? Not a problem. (Photo by Colleen Carroll Photography

Let's talk about you first! How do you cater to our bad-ass offbeat couples?

Most people in the wedding community know me best when I wear my blue wig — it's my alter ego. I also usually carry this sign. I have tattoos. I'm all about what you WANT to do for your wedding, screw what you think you HAVE to do. I love the little happy hole I've carved for myself in the industry, bringing me couples who don't fit the traditional mold, peeps that just want to pledge their eternal love without all the pomp and circumstance. I don't always fit with the mainstream and feel like Offbeat Bride is my little home away from home when I need a sanity check.
Photo by Your bridesmaids sometime like to strip? Rebecca won't bat an eye. (Photo by Studio J Images.)
Your bridesmaids sometime like to strip? Rebecca won't bat an eye. (Photo by Studio J Images.)

Okay, tell us about your craziest experiences as an offbeat wedding planner.

At a wedding last March, a guest spilled his pomegranate martini down the front of the bride's dress, ruining it. The bride totally didn't want to go back to the reception in her ruined dress. So I changed back into my work prep clothes and gave her the dress I was wearing. This was the same wedding in which I got my most favorite warning from a bride: "The bridesmaids tend to take their clothes off the more they drink, so just be aware that may happen."
Star Wars nerd couple? Rebecca will make sure there are lightsabers present.
Star Wars nerd couple? Rebecca will make sure there are lightsabers present. (Photo by Kendall Lauren Photography.)
In May, two grooms flew out from Arkansas to get legally married in Seattle, and they found me online. Once on the West Coast, they didn't understand how accepting we are out here — that you could walk around in places and hold hands IN PUBLIC and it wasn't weird. So we threw them a bachelor party when they got to town (because one of the grooms didn't have a very supportive family and that just sucks). Also, one of the grooms was a huge Star Wars geek, so I hit up all my friends and collected tons of light sabers and made this happen.
Male? Female? Secret super hero? Rebecca doesn't care. She loves you all!
Whether you're a Star Wars fan or Seattle Sounders fan, Blush Celebrations will plan the hell out of your wedding. (Photo by Fred Calma.)

Blush Celebrations' wedding planning packages start at $850 — that's not counting any of her special discounts…

I have three discounts right now…

  • If, when you contact Rebecca, you say something totally goofy and random and make her laugh, she will give you 10% off.
  • If you are getting hitched in 2013 and Rebecca has the date open, you'll get an extra special $200 off the day of coordination package.
  • She likes to travel — and wants to do that more — so Rebecca will cut her fee in half if you cover all the travel expenses (and mention this post)!
Photo by Jeff Marsh Studios.
Photo by Jeff Marsh Studios.

I'd say her pricing + discounts are quite a bargin for a wedding planner as awesome as Rebecca. Head over to her website and start scheming all the ways Blush Celebrations can not only help you plan, but possibly SAVE your wedding day.

  1. I am a parent of one of Rebecca's grooms, and would just like to add that this interview barely scratches the surface of awesomenessness that she delivers. I literally (Not really) beg my kids to meet with her , but I can say that without her support they would have succumbed to the conventional and would have de-valued their whimsical ideas that turned out to be the topic of all conversation , from Event labeled soda to Soccer Fan style Scarves , to their approach to the sounders theme … they were under pressure at one budget check point to abandon the bobble heads !!! becs kept them on focus and fostered a shared vision that could keep them from giving in to the Momdane … and to be honest their Jello Mold sculpture was a great metaphor for the couple suspended in multicolored layers of goo on the wedding day, no to mention a great day after wedding feast event in the kitchen where there is no social convention for consuming massive quantities of wedding jello! thanks bec. and Blush

  2. After hiring an OBB-approved wedding planner for our So Cal wedding (Rebel Belle), I can confirm that hiring a wedding planner who "gets it" is one of the best decisions you can make for your sanity.

  3. Rebecca was my wedding planner almost 2 years ago. She IS AMAZING! It didn't matter what crazy idea I came to her with she was on board and would do anything possible to make my ideas come to life! She is organized, creative, and supportive! I am so lucky to have had her in charge of my special day!!!!!

  4. I really like this interview; I only wish that it had been a little longer! I appreciate the respect she shows to these couples and their big day. It's not about what's right and what's proper, it's about the people who are committing their lives to one another.

  5. bec is AWESOME.

    She's fun to hang out with, has awesome ideas, is good at Getting Shit Done, and knows how to throw a hell of a party.

    For our big (and as yet date-less) vow renewal shindig next year, the only vendor so far on the "I really wanna hire" list is bec, because I know she can handle both our need for kid-friendly celebration, the fact that we are a triad, not a couple, and make my wife stop fussing over the details on the day of.

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