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Updated Oct 12 2015
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Jubilee Event Engineers is a fancy bad-ass name that describes Alex Martin and Kristen Tsiatsios — event planners in the Seattle area for a combined 20+ years. Why should you care? Because they specialize in offbeat weddings and commitment ceremonies in Seattle, as well as destination weddings throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Why are they so uniquely catered to working with offbeat brides? Well…

  • They were both offbeat brides themselves at one point. So they don't judge when they hear oddball ideas, and they support kooky personal touches, art, and performance in your wedding.
  • They offer easy solutions that reduce waste and trim any wedding's carbon footprint.
  • They don't represent a network of vendors; when you hire them they work only to find solutions that work — if that includes friends and family doing catering, decor, music, set-up, photography, and all the rest, they're totally cool with that!
  • And they say yes to budgets of any size — their connections and "tricks of the trade" will help keep expenses on track.

And even with their already budget-friendly prices, Jubilee Event Engineers is offering a special discount for Offbeat Brides…

Offbeat Discount: Book their most popular Wedding Day Coordination package by June 1, 2010 and receive $200 off.

Maybe it's their background in non-profit event work, our their fearless negotiating skills, or their boundless creativity, but Jubilee Event Engineers just rock the offbeat weddings. So if you happen to be lucky enough to be getting married anywhere near Seattle, contact Jubilee Event Engineers and get them to help you make the wedding of your dreams even dreamier!

  1. man- I am in Seattle, but it's a little too close to the day for me. WIsh I'd known about them earlier. Sounds great though!

  2. We have worked as the photographers at quite a few Jubilee Engineered Events —weddings and galas both. Alex and Kristen are professional and really fun to work with.
    They definitely know how to put on a fantastic party!

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