From last minute to last man standing, Shindig Events will pull off one amazing event

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You totally want this woman planning your wedding. Trust us. Photo by Jonas Seaman
So remember the Offbeat Empire party that happened last month? Kelli from Shindig Events is the one who made it happen. Today, I'm here to tell you what she can make happen for you.

First, some back story: Kelli had over twelve years of experience in event management and entertainment production in Los Angeles, before moving to Seattle where she's currently based. Her work through Shindig Events has been involved in a few fantastic freak shows, celebrity soirees, and fabulous festivals… and Kelli is chomping at the bit to bring some of her evil genius to your wedding. Whether it's tabletop design, activities for visiting guests, favors, menu selection or whatever crazy idea your engorged heart desires, Kelli from Shindig is here to make your good, crazy, whackadoodle vision of your big day the little extra nudges it needs in the right direction using her special magic.

What's that special magic you ask? Keep reading to find out…

Shindig Events' Rolodex (yes, the old school kind) is chock full of venues that are hidden gems, unexpected options for catering, and a connection to the Northwest kook-mmunity at large! Nothing is missing from Kelli's knowledge of Seattle's finest vendors — and after her work on the Empire party, she's EXTRA well-versed in the local Offbeat Bride vendor community.

If you only need a little help with some ideas with design, vendor suggestions, and a little hand-holding, Shindig can provide one-off consulting services so you can get to werrrrrk. Shindig's most popular package is the Wedding Day Management Services (including day-of coordination & rehearsal). Also a hot item in the Shindig catalog is Full Service Wedding Production (where you just tell them a few things, and they just make sure you show up to get hitched!).

Or even if you need Kelli to come in on the last-minute to save you from your own personal wedding hell. Take Lisa and Alex, pictured above: they literally rolled into Seattle and within DAYS, Kelli had arranged a fantastic last-minute wedding held in Pike Place Market. Or if you need someone to, you know, save that party you were about to cancel? Yeah, Kelli can pull that shit off like gangbusters.

That is one happy groom!

Shindig is very thrifty with your hard-earned dollars and gives you plenty of options for making them work for you and your event. Take it from Ariel, who had this to say after working with Kelli:

I trusted Kelli completely to help me plan the first ever Offbeat Empire party. Not only did she craft the perfect event for 150 guests with barely a month's notice, but she did it all WAY under-budget. Pure magic!

Shindig Events has gotten a taste for working on offbeat events … and now Kelli wants MOAR. So if you're anywhere on the West Coast looking for a wedding planner who can rock your shit back and forth and sideways — you need to book Shindig Events.

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  1. Kelli totally made our Seattle wedding just what we wanted it to be…I have complete confidence that Kelli can pull pretty much anything out of the big party bag and it will go down a storm! Full of energy, enthusiasm and humour yet organised and on the pulse…Kelli, we love you!

  2. I’m in San Francisco, do you know any info about traveling? We are also on a pretty low budget and have had organizers/planners scoff at us or just flat out ignore us because of it. Will they work with small budgets?

    • Hey Slade! Some planners, including moi, create customized rates based on your budget. For example, I have a standard rate for day of coordination, but it’s not the same for a 300 attendee wedding as it is for a 30 person soiree… I also do consulting & can help couples with ideas, vendor referrals, etc, and some planners can assist you on that end. Some peeps just want your money and some of us want you to have a kick ass wedding. Good luck & feel free to drop me a line!

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