Find out why Seattle’s Jenny GG Photography is an offbeat bride’s BFF

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Hey Seattlites: Tell your fiance to put down the bridal magazines and take your eyes off the latest Star Wars news and listen up!

If you're looking for a photographer who is more like a friend who can also take jaw-dropping images, then you should know that offbeat sponsor Jenny GG Photography is just that! Jenny's got old school Offbeat Bride cred — she's been a friend of ours for years. Now she's about to be your best friend on your wedding day, what with her special offer and fabulous pics!

Your Converse won't be the only comfortable addition to your wedding, Jenny GG is like the photographical equivalent to your favorite all-stars in that she'll make you feel comfortable AND make ya look snazzy.

I like to help folks get comfortable in front of my camera and to stay mellow — I can airbrush a zit, but I can't fix your expression. I don't call myself a photojournalist because I will tell you if you have an eye booger or if your bangs are doing that weird thing you hate. I've been known to sing goofy, made up songs to people, especially when the sun is out and there's flare involved. –Jenny

Speaking of looking good, I'm loving all of Jenny GG's photography and pricing options. There's a special package for elopements and there's even an option for their super fun “fauxtobooth!” Basically, whatever kind of photo shoot you want, Jenny GG Photography will hook you up.

And if you're an offbeat bride she'll also be hooking you up with a little somethin' special:

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Jenny GG is offering a free guestbook made from your engagement session photos to any couple that books her through Offbeat Bride!

Not only is Jenny GG Photography friendly with their special gift, she's also offbeat bride-friendly, animal-friendly and travel-friendly. So head over here and hire your new best photographer friend to shoot your wedding!

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