Seattle photographer seeking offbeat couples

May 21 2007 | arielmstallings

I just got this email from a friend, and I'm guessing some Seattleite offbeat brides might be interested …

From Seattle photographer Victoria Renard:

I'm beginning a new leg of my business to include unique, rock & roll style and alternative lifestyle wedding and couples photography. For one thing, I understand that a lot of people get married (especially in the summertime) but not everyone wants their ceremony to look like some sort of Disney/Pixar fairy tale complete with Vaseline on the lens vignetting and white dresses. I also understand that not everyone plans their event a year in advance or has $5,000 to spend. So, I am starting a new budget-savvy photography service for people who are looking for something different.

Though I worked as a wedding photographer for a reputable studio a few years ago, I need to create a current portfolio of this type of work to reflect the modern and unique look I'm going for. If you are an attractive couple with an edgy or interesting look, please respond and let me know how soon you're available. Same sex and racially diverse couples encouraged.

I'd like to demonstrate a variety of different situations so instead of posing in front of a church or garden I'm encouraging themes such as cowboy weddings, trashy Vegas, trailer park, bowling alley, outer space, Hawaiian tiki, underwater, sideshow circus, psychedelic, goth, drag queen, upside down, exotic and glamorous costuming… anything atypical or offbeat. In return, you'll get a cache of hi-res digital images to use for your modeling portfolio. Or, if you're a real couple, you'll finally have a special portrait to send to friends and family.

If you're interested, contact Victoria via her website,

  1. I am trying to do the same thing in New England — but people over here are much more conservative in general. Send me offbeat couples!!! 🙂

  2. I just found out from two potential brides about this posting and this website. Wow! Thanks so much for the mention. What a great site too.
    I just need to let you all know that it started off as just a Myspace post among friends and I could only offer the initial free photos to a few people to build some new images for my website. However, I am keeping the budget savvy wedding in mind so if you're interested in having me do some truly offbeat photos, be sure to get in touch. I'm sure I can find ways to work within your budget. I also do couples photography if you're not ready for the big move yet. Alternative lifestyle, same sex and truly unique people encouraged!

  3. Hey there I'm doing the same thing but more on a refferal setting than a full time venture. I'm glad to see that other people want to offer couples a budget friendly photographer. My first reason for doing it, was that my friend hired this guy with so many rules as to what he would do and wouldn't all at a price over $3000. I looked around and found simaliar contracts and it blew me away. Keep it up and let's take the jobs away from those self titled "Wedding photographers"

  4. I am planning my wedding right now and looking for a photographer in the San Francisco area. I am working on a pretty tight budget and I am having a hard time finding someone here that is not doing the typical wedding photographer. If they are they are changing an arm and a leg! Any suggestions?

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