Discounted, full-service catering for ANY style of wedding from Seattle's Shooby Doo Catering

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Delicious Shooby Doo food spread at the Offbeat Empire party! (Photo by by Mari Sese Ström)

Hey, Seattleites: do you like food? Do you like serving your friends things that taste great? Do you like them even more when you get them for a discount? Do you not want to be the one making or serving all this delicious discounted food at your wedding? Then Shooby Doo CateringThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them is right up your yummy alley.

We happen to think that Shooby Doo is so right up our alley that we asked them to cater our Offbeat Empire party. So, if you were AT the party, you already know Shooby Doo is amazing, and you're already booking them for your event. But for those of you that weren't there, here's your chance to party with them…

This salmon croccantini looks amazing.
Serving the Puget Sound region, Shooby Doo provides full-service catering, including event planning, rentals, and event staffing, which is super convenient. That means whether you want them for the full set-up, including favors and decorations, or you just want them to serve-up their amazing multi-course dinners, Shooby Doo will hook you up in whatever ways they can.

I want this fillet and truffle butter inside of me right now.
Shubert and Mira Ho, the husband and wife team behind Shooby Doo, create dishes that go WAY beyond blasé wedding faire, with their delicious and also gorgeous, culinary creations. (WARNING: Do not click here if you are hungry. It will make your mouth depressed.)

Speaking of great teams, the Shooby Doo catering staff is full of good people — the Offbeat Editors all fell in love with one of the bartenders, a sweet man named Spencer. He not only kept the drinks flowing, but he also made sure that we all drank lots of water, thereby guaranteeing the perfect buzz. Now THAT'S the kind of amazing staff you want at your wedding.

Here's a grilled vegetable terrine for you veggie lovers.
Shooby Doo will do their best to ensure that what they whip up for your menu fits you and your wedding perfectly. Whether it's a taco bar, vegetarian feast, or a lamb on a spit, there is no wedding theme or palate too funky for Shooby Doo to cater. Seriously, they pleased EVERYONE in the Empire the other night — picky eaters (me), vegetarians (Cat and Stephanie) and the very hungry and hard-partying masses. Oh, and I haven't mentioned the popcorn! They brought about this incredibly tasty popcorn at the end of the Offbeat Empire party that was a bit of a delicious surprise. I ate like five bags and then brought home two. Droooooool.

Citrus fennel salad laid out with their antipasti platter -- THAT'S the way to greet your guests, man.

Of course, delicious food always tastes even better when you're not going broke over it:

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Shooby Doo Catering is offering $100 off your catering bill for AWESOME people only (aka readers of Offbeat Bride). Just tell 'em you heard about the awesome people discount from us. 😉

So book Shooby Doo for your wedding reception and revel in the fact that you are one awesome person.

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