JayLee Photography spreads the awesome from Seattle to Phoenix

Updated Oct 12 2015
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This is awesome because I can feel the sunlight and the lerve.
Seattle-based vendor JayLee Photography is compromised of the (newlywed!) husband and wife team, Josh and Ali. Though they live in Seattle, JayLee also has a base out of Phoenix as well, and they will travel anywhere.

There are just so many reasons that JayLee Photography is awesome, not the least of which is that one lucky same-sex couple will take home some free wedding photography and everyone else also gets a special deal.

Keep reading to find out how awesome JayLee can be!

This photo is awesome because it's like an art-tastic graph backdrop of radness, plus the shades take it over the top.

JayLee Photography is so awesome, they have seen it and done it all and want more of it:

We've done weddings near to a waterfall, in the woods, in churches of various denominations, on the beach, in a backyard, on a beautiful college campus, in a castle. We have shot people who are a lil' bit country, a little bit rock n' roll, people who are "seasoned" at life and love, same-sex couples, self-proclaimed nerds, all nationalities, people who love vintage, and people who dress in renaissance attire — we love them all.
This one is awesome because 'aaaaaaaaw!'

JayLee Photography has awesome business practices:

JayLee offers all day coverage for EVERY wedding package (as in, they never charge you for extra time). JayLee has also recently launched their new JayLee:Lite package, catering to the budget-conscious bride. And, of course, when you hire JayLee Photography, you know you'll always be getting two shooters for your monies and your time. Yay!

The awesomeness is in the angles (… and the hot dudes).

And, yes, they're so awesome they have TWO special offers just for Offbeat Bride readers!

JayLee Photography is also an active supporter of LGBT rights. How active? Well, since gay weddings are not yet legalized in Washington or Arizona, they have taken to shooting post-nuptial sessions for same-sex couples who have eloped, or who just want to document all their lovely love. But beyond that, they have an incredible deal for you same-sex couples who WILL be getting married…

OFFBEAT OFFER #1: In honor of New York legalizing gay marriage, JayLee Photography is offering their "C" package for FREE to the first same-sex couple who books them and mentions they found them on Offbeat Bride (travel expenses not included, though they will fly anywhere!). That is a $2950 package!

So many layers of awesome. OMG the layers!

We'll raise our drinks to that too! But don't put your drinks down yet, because those of you who aren't the lucky couple to take advantage of the free wedding photos, you can still get down on a special offer:

OFFBEAT OFFER #2: JayLee Photography is offering a FREE guestbook (for A, B, and C packages) to anyone who books them and mentions that they found them through Offbeat Bride. Their awesome guestbook is a 24-page, lay flat, canvas wrapped book designed with engagement photos and space for guests to sign.

Awesome because Josh + Ali = OMG TEH CUTE!

So head over to JayLee Photography's adorable website now! Maybe you'll be the ones to get the free photography? Or maybe you'll end up with an awesometastic guestbook and so even more awesometastic photographers to boot!

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