What logistics should I consider for a seated bridal party?

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When I thought recently about our wedding I thought hey, I'd really like our bridal party to sit the heck down. It's not as though they lose recognition (they still walk down the aisle). It just seems sensible for them to sit.

Our wedding ceremony is in the same room as the reception – with everyone seated at their tables already and an aisle down the middle of the reception tables. We will have the ceremony on a small stage (it's about a foot or less higher than the ground) and I imagined giving our bridal party seats at bottom right in front of the stage or off to the side of the stage.

When I stood in my brother's bridal party I just kept wishing I could see around the maid of honor's head and I thought “Man, being honored is great and all but I've got the worst seat in the house.” Plus, some of our shyer friends might feel more comfortable sitting instead of standing as a part of the show.

I can't seem to find anything around Offbeat Bride about others with a bridal party seated around them so I'm wondering how often it's done and if there are any logistics I should consider.

Bridal parties absolutely sit down — sometimes it's a religious preference, sometimes it's an accessibility/disability issue, and sometimes it's just a matter of taste. We'd love to hear from couples who are doing this (or have done this).

What logistics or considerations should be kept in mind for a seated wedding party?

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Comments on What logistics should I consider for a seated bridal party?

  1. Honestly, I wish I would have thought if it myself. Even though our ceremony was short, I’m sure the bridal party were thinking the same thing. I would have a bridal party table near the ceremony area, that way they are already in their seats for dinner.

  2. As I’m getting married in a church, my bridesmaids will sit in a front pew. Seats in front of or at the side of the stage sound sensible! At the front they would have their backs to the audience – if you’d rather the rest of your guests could see your bridal party, perhaps they could have seats on the stage at the back? So they would be able to watch the ceremony but also be seen by everyone else.

  3. It’s the norm in the UK for the bridal party to be seated throughout the ceremony. Nevertheless, we had pretty unstructured seating at our wedding and ensure that close family and the bridal party had seating- I knocked up some good old luggage tags with people’s names on them to tie to their chairs and just labelled the first two rows. If they were in the bridal party, their partners didn’t sit with them and we had no squids at our wedding so it made it easier. We did have the ease of everyone being friends with everyone else despite being from around the world!

    • Tangent here, but what’s a squid? I tried googling it and came up with “a young motorcyclist who overestimates his abilities, boasts of his riding skills when in reality he has none”, the plural of “quid”, “an individual lacking moral character”, or a pejorative for members of the US navy.

          • Haha its a Colloquial thing, squids rhymes with kids. We use that term in Australia too

      • I was also wondering why there would be marine life at a wedding. Squids = kids makes much more sense.

        • Yes, squids are kids! Sorry for the confusion. We banned kids at the wedding apart from my brother who is 7 and my niece who is 3.

  4. Our wedding party is sitting down in the front row of seats after they walk down the aisle.
    Our reasons: space is limited on the raised platform we’re getting married on; we have a weird mix of one groomsman, a matron of honour and 3 bridesdudes, so it doesn’t make sense to have half stand on the groom’s side and half on the bride’s side; some of the wedding party is pretty shy; some of the wedding party might be uncomfortable standing the whole time; and I really want the focus to be on me and my groom!

  5. We had our bridal party stand, but we staggered them so each could see around the person in front of them- halfway through our ceremony, we ascended the steps & they each stood on a step as we were on the stage- for us, having them seated wasn’t really an option, just because of my mom: she was insistent that she was in the front row with my grandmother & brother. I prefer the look of a bridal party framing the couple, especially after you ask them to shell out all this money for your big day- you want to put them on display! plus my husband has terrible stage fright- I think it made him feel a little better knowing his best friends were within arms reach 🙂 but ultimately, IT’S YOUR DAY do what makes you happy!!

  6. Along with sitting in the front pews I have also been seated in the choir stalls so that we were 90 degrees to the rest of the congregation and had a fantastic view of the ceremony.
    Perhaps you could place chairs for your bridal party along the sides of the stage, looking in at you. Then they would still be present as a guard of honour (of sorts) and would be low enough for any shy ones to feel less conspicuous.
    Good Luck finding your perfect staging and enjoy your day!

  7. We are planning on having our attendants sit, as my partner’s sister has mobility issues and has trouble standing for long. The current plan is to have a ceremony in the round, and for the first circle to consist of our families and attendants. The thought is for them to walk in with us, sit down during the readings (unless they are doing a reading–most of the readings will likely be members of the wedding party), then maybe stand around us just for the vows. It’ll depend on viewing logistics for everyone else, of course. I’m pretty short and won’t be wearing shoes, so it might be best for everyone to just stay seated.

  8. My bridesbabes stood, but I went to a wedding last weekend where the wedding party sat. The biggest thing I noticed was that clothing falls differently, which can be both awesome and not so awesome. On the pants wearing folk you could see the socks really well. On the skirt/dress wearing hemlines that looked perfectly fine when standing looked a little scandalous when seated. If your group aren’t regular skirt wearers they might benefit from a reminder to keep their knees together if they don’t want to flash anyone. They’re going to be photoshopping out some lady bits.

  9. I was in a wedding with a set up that sounds very familiar to yours. They didn’t have a stage, but we had two rows of chairs set up especially for the bridal party and family members right before the archway under which the bride and groom got married. We walked in and stood before our seats while the bride walked the groom down the aisle.

    Another wedding I went to everyone sat down, including the couple getting married. If you do decide to pull chairs out, make sure you (or whomever is manhandling the chairs) have practiced picking them up beforehand so they know how heavy it is.

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