Screw “timeless” weddings, I WANT my wedding to look dated

Guest post by Saffron
By: Sarah StewartCC BY 2.0

I am sick of the words “timeless” and “classic.”

I am and never have been either of those things. However, when it comes to weddings, those words seem to be everywhere! When gown hunting, when looking at themes, discussing hair and makeup looks…

I'm pretty sure it's going to be obvious I got married in 2013, and I'm fine with that, because… I will have gotten married in 2013!

Even wearing my hair in a classic style with timeless makeup, there are going to be other clues.

And when I look at photos of my parents' wedding, or grandparents' or anyone's, I love that you can say “oh, how 1940s!” or giggle at dad's ridiculous facial hair.

Part of the appeal of these photos is that they are a snapshot of time, a moment of history caught.

Why would I even try and attempt to circumvent that?

So I am going to be wearing my hair this colour — I know it's not my natural colour, but it is my colour at this time.

And I will wear my hair and makeup in a look that I love right now that will, yes, look dated in several years.

And if I love something and it's “trendy,” I am still damn well going to have it!

And hopefully, my grandchildren will look at the pictures and giggle at how dated and early twenty-first century it all looks.

It will be fine, because it's not timeless. It's a moment of time.

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  1. Timeless doesn’t have to mean boring any more than ‘classy’ has to mean boring. A skirt dress on a bride combined with a kilt for the groom can be fun and timeless.
    I think by ‘timeless’ they mean they want the day to have a timeless /feel/ — a connection with the timeless understanding of love and marriage with something that shows honor and respect to that tradition. That can be done while still having a blast — they aren’t opposite ends of the spectrum.

  2. This is such a lovely way to think about it! And depending on who you are, something you might like to see in 20 years could be a snapshot in time right now, or you could it to be a sum of you and your styles throughout your life til then.

  3. My mum’s wedding dress is sort of timeless – it was her mother’s in 1952 when she got married. Dad just wore a black suit, but it’s his 90s moustache that gives it away!

  4. I couldn’t agree more! I love when I see my parent’s or grandparent’s wedding photos and you can tell exactly what era they were taken in. I always get a kick when I see my parent’s wedding photo and my dad with his perm. Or my husband’s parent’s photo of his dad in a crush velvet suite. It’s wonderful!

  5. Thanks so much for this post, I really needed it. We’re going for the offbeat look and those incessant comments about making everything look timeless had me wondering if I was making a mistake. Thanks to your post and readers’ comments I realise it really doesn’t matter. It’s far more important to be true to ourselves. So what if we leave a timestamped photograph? It’s what we are today. So be it if we’re embarassed about it in the future!

  6. The thought that keeps coming to my mind while I’m looking at invitations is: “now now, you don’t want to choose something you’ll regret later.”

    In other words, “you should get something timeless.”

    For me, this means: “You shouldn’t color too far outside the lines. You should stay safe.”

    It is not safe to be yourself.

    Yeah, here’s what I have to say about that.

    • Hear hear! We’ve gone full-on geek with our invitations (Star Wars, Lego, etc). The people that matter know that we’re total geeks – they may not understand all the references but they understand that we’re being ourselves. If some people don’t like it, that’s their issue.
      Totally agreed with XKCD!

  7. This post is waaaay old but I just wanted to say that I think about it all the time as I’m planning my wedding. I’m fully embracing having my wedding be everything I love now, because you’re right that it’s a moment in time so why would it be timeless? Thanks so much Offbeat Bride.

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