Screw “timeless” weddings, I WANT my wedding to look dated

Guest post by Saffron
By: Sarah StewartCC BY 2.0

I am sick of the words “timeless” and “classic.”

I am and never have been either of those things. However, when it comes to weddings, those words seem to be everywhere! When gown hunting, when looking at themes, discussing hair and makeup looks…

I'm pretty sure it's going to be obvious I got married in 2013, and I'm fine with that, because… I will have gotten married in 2013!

Even wearing my hair in a classic style with timeless makeup, there are going to be other clues.

And when I look at photos of my parents' wedding, or grandparents' or anyone's, I love that you can say “oh, how 1940s!” or giggle at dad's ridiculous facial hair.

Part of the appeal of these photos is that they are a snapshot of time, a moment of history caught.

Why would I even try and attempt to circumvent that?

So I am going to be wearing my hair this colour — I know it's not my natural colour, but it is my colour at this time.

And I will wear my hair and makeup in a look that I love right now that will, yes, look dated in several years.

And if I love something and it's “trendy,” I am still damn well going to have it!

And hopefully, my grandchildren will look at the pictures and giggle at how dated and early twenty-first century it all looks.

It will be fine, because it's not timeless. It's a moment of time.

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Comments on Screw “timeless” weddings, I WANT my wedding to look dated

  1. I absolutely agree! I was thinking about this the other day. I LOVE the way you can tell what era a wedding happened in by looking at the photos. My parents’ super 70s wedding pictures are amazing, and I wouldn’t dream of begrudging my hypothetical future children of the experience of enjoying/mocking/being embarrassed by my dated wedding photos.

  2. My geriatric patients usually keep their wedding portraits out (and sometimes their parents’ pic from the 20s!). I absolutely love looking at these pictures, probably as much as they love talking about them.

    I agree 100%, I want our portrait to represent the year we got married.

  3. This is exactly how I feel! You put it so eloquently, though. My theme won’t be “vintage” or whatever, it’s going to be “current” and “2013” whatever that may mean. I don’t want to look like we got married in any other era, because this era is so special!

  4. Love this! I was just reading an article about “To Dos” for selecting a wedding gown and one was “make it timeless”. Really? How can you figure out what styles are going to look like 5 or 10 or more years down the road? Seems like one more imaginary thing for brides to be worried about. And so what if your look isn’t considered “timeless” by the WIC? Indeed, it is your moment in time, so rock what you’ve got!

    • I think what they mean by “make it timeless” is either:

      1.) We were brainstorming shit to put on this checklist and someone said “timeless!” and we all nodded sagely because we had no idea either

      2.) “Timeless” is code word for “boring, expensive and white” – stay boring (and expensive!) because market research shows* that people who stick to typical weddings and traditional ideas tend to spend more on Wedding Crap. If you have your own ideas, originality or creativity then you might spend less money and OH NOES!

      *does it? I just made that up. I don’t know really.

  5. Is there even such thing as a “timeless wedding”. Seems like an oxymoron to me; it’s (usually) a one time event.

  6. I couldn’t agree more. And I think the ironic thing about “timeless” is that these current trends of the vintage look is a CURRENT trend. It will not be cool/trendy in a few years, so most people’s weddings will look like the early 2000s whether they like it or not.

  7. I love my parents obviously London 1969 wedding. My Dad had a “mop-top” Beatles haircut, Micheal Caine glasses and a doublebreasted mod suit and my Mum rocked a “Mary Quant” hair do and a dress covered in daisies.
    As a teen in the eighties I thought their choices were ridiculously un-hip. Now I know they were cool, brilliantly, amazingly cool!
    I guess my own gig will be increadibly 2013 Edinburgh and my kids will poke fun, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  8. Yup, love it all. Totally need this today. Went for a dress fitting and had a small meltdown. I don’t want to be that bride but I keep wanting my dress to be effing *everything* all balled into one, so ironically, I was standing looking at myself in the most simple, basic dress I tried on way back when I started the whole shopping process. I wanted lace, then I didn’t. I wanted raw silk (which I have), but it felt plain. I want a flowered waist tie, or maybe not. I want non-country because it’s going to be in the country (get it?), but also don’t want overly fancy (ahem, because it’s going to be in the country).Weeee! Fun times in my brain today.

    • ok seriously this is my brain every dumb day I think about wedding stuff!! THANK YOU! Clearly all my alone time Atlanta traffic is bad for business…

  9. I’m coming up on my 8th anniversary this summer, and you know what? My wedding absolutely looks like the mid-’00s hippie/raver/burner wedding that it was. FUCK YES.

    I anticipate thousands of kids circa 2040 looking at their folks’ wedding pictures and being like “OMG, lookit the bunting and mason jars and and Doctor Who references and yellow-y photo processing — it’s sooooo early teens!” FUCK YES.

  10. To me, the main purpose of a photo is to bring back a memory of the moment. So why for fuck’s sake would I want to make it unclear exactly when the moment was? Isn’t timeless just another word for generic?

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