Scott Pilgrim-inspired wedding invitations KICK ASS!

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Guys, Scott Pilgrim-inspired wedding invitations seriously kick some major ass! Check a couple of these out and learn how YOU could make these yourselves… at your own risk, of course…

Here's Leishkin‘s wedding invitations made to look like the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World movie, sent out in DVD shell casings. They're awesome from the outside:

But the actual invitations on the inside are insanely cute:

Next, here's ChaeBird's Scott Pilgrim Save the Dates based on the comic books.

ChaeBird explains, “After finally figuring out how to add and use brushes in Photoshop, and discovering the Scott Pilgrim Avatar Generator [No longer available /sadface], I pulled together some fairly geeky and hopefully awesome cute save the date prototypes.”

Awesome right!? I'm gonna go ahead and say that both of these couples gain 9,999 experience points for these kick-ass invitations. And guys, I'm warning you, unless you're searching for a MAJOR time suck, do NOT click this Scott Pilgrim Avatar Generator link.

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