A Scotland wedding with an electric blue gown and a sword fight

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Tamsyn and Jamie met during a charity clunker car race from London to Mongolia. Both ditched by their racing partners in the inter-country trek, the pair met and became partners in the race and now, in life. It's a pretty amazing story, and you can read more of it at Archibald Photography's blog.

But now we are talking about their wedding which included an electric blue gown, and featured a first sword fight instead of a dance. Mark from Archibald Photography photographed it and has the details, but here are the gorgeous highlights from the event at The Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh.

The pair gets ready to meet in the library to seal the deal. Dress + kilts = so excited!

Jamie created his own tartan, and then had his kilt made up to match. The rest of his outfit was then designed around it.

Oh, close up time. Check out the necklace and then look at all the colors in the dress. Could she have nailed it any more perfectly? Blues, purples, greens, shimmer, ruffles… yummy.

Tamsyn and her dad walked down the aisle to the Flower Duet from Lakme. The Cairn String Quartet also performed Guns N' Roses, Sandi Thom, and Metallica.

The couple had the wedding at The Royal College of Physicians. Tamsyn told the team at Archibald that “it has an ‘Alice in Wonderland' quality; everywhere you go a contrasting style and colour unfolds before you, and as Jamie put it, we wandered round like ‘twa bairns the night afore Christmas'.” That's pretty much how I feel looking at the photos.

Tamsyn's mum designed and made all the bouquets, buttonholes/boutonnières, bridesmaid's fascinators, table plans and markers, and bookmark place settings. Each guest had a place setting with their own quote on it.

Neither Tamsyn nor Jamie are dancers, so they decided to choreograph a sword fight instead! Tamsyn used to fence internationally, so it wasn't too unusual for her. They started slow dancing to a mushy tune and then launched into the fight to the Pirates of Caribbean theme.

The atmosphere in the room with their performance is stunning. After the duel, the party danced the rest of the night to the Ceilidh band Two Left Feet.

For more of this Scotland wedding bedecked in blue, tartan, and glamour, check out Archibald Photography's blog.

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  1. Love this idea of doing something different and customized instead of a dance. Not everyone can dance (I can’t). Maybe singing a duet or something? Plus I adore her blue dress!

    • My husband hates dancing, so instead of a First Dance, I sang a karaoke version of “I’m Your Moon” by Jonathan Coulton to him. It was awesome.

  2. Next to last photo = AMAZING!!!!!!

    (Oh, to be Scots…. I was born on the wrong continent, I swear.)

    • According to the links, it’s from http://www.angelinacolarusso.com/. Sooo pretty! And she says the overskirt detaches so it becomes a “slinky evening dress”. (Anyone else out there most captivated by the texture of clothing? Ruching, draping, ruffles, that kind of thing? This gown hits that ball outta the park!)

  3. This is gorgeous! GORGEOUS! I have no idea what is going on with the bride’s flowers, but I love them.

  4. ohgodohgodohgod that dress!!!!!
    I have now been swayed, officially, from wearing white. It washed me out anyway….custom blue shimmer-tastic, here I come!

  5. Can I have this wedding PLUH-EASE!! I just have to find someone to marry.

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