Honor your departed loved ones by saving them a seat

Updated Oct 12 2015
"This seat is left empty in memory of those who cannot be with us today"
Photo by Sheila Teruty

There are lots of ways to memorialize lost friends and family at weddings, but this is one of my favorites. Alison and Jeremy saved a seat at the ceremony to honor their family and friends who have passed, including Alison's mother who passed away only five weeks before the wedding.

Remembrance Flowers
Photo by Ashley Perry Blevins

At Kristin and Doug's wedding, Kristin made this bouquet to honor Doug's mother, and he laid it on the seat when he entered the ceremony. You could also add in a photo if you want to personalize the flowers.

For more ways to remember those not present, check our our tag archive of memorial posts.

  1. Amazing idea. I lost my father when I was younger, and my Fiance lost his best friend. We are definiately doing something like this at our wedding!

  2. Our usher has cancer with very low survival chances should he pass between now and our wedding there will be a seat with his picture where we intend to have him in our ceremony. We will also do a memory bouquet in his honour.

  3. I lost my dad a couple of weeks ago and he was my best friend in the whole world, I appear to repeatedly have nightmares about our wedding next year. In one way it gives me comfort that he got to see a picture of me in my chosen wedding dress. But I have the constant upset with those usual familiarities that take place at a wedding. I know I don't want anyone to sit next to me at the head table that's his place only. My stepmother said she'd walk me down the aisle but I didn't say yes or no although I fear she believes she will now and to be honest I don't know if I want anyone but him. Sadly he had so much involvement in mine and my fiance's big day and were both struggling with continuing the mad, happy planning we were once consumed in. I think perhaps I shall add a piece of material from one of his shirts to the inside of my dress although I could use countless ways in which to commemorate him but sadly to me nothing feels enough right now, I hope this will change??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks xx Amy, 28

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