Jeff & Erin’s epic save the date video

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I'm seeing more and more folks doing Save The Date videos instead of cards — but this one from Jeff & Erin pretty much takes the cake. There's an eye patch! There's an evil kitty! There are Vietnamese subtitles! In a time … when height meant everything …

The video's currently got about 4000 views … let's see how long it takes before this one goes viral. 🙂

UPDATE: After we posted it here on Offbeat Bride, as we predicted the video went completely viral and showed up EVERYWHERE online and even international TV. For some reason (possibly related?) the youtube video is now private. You can still find it here, though.

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  1. Oh wow…. I don’t think I can ever hope to do anything that awesome for my save the date. (I just realized why no one has ever tried to shorten that – STD just doesn’t quite bring in the same effect.)

    • People totally shorten it all the time! On the OBT, on other wedding websites, all over the place. And it makes me giggle far more than it should!

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