Wedding sandals on your feet, and a smile on your face

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Cute sandals
From left to right: Impromptu Date sandal ($30), Belize It Or Not sandal ($50), and Twinkling Trimmings sandal ($60).

Show of hands, here: who's planning a beach wedding? Or having a casual wedding in their backyard? Or who isn't getting married at all and is just lurking looking for cute shoes to wear this summer? (My fellow not-engaged shoe fiends, I know you're out there. Lurking. Watching. Waiting. Breathing heavily.)

Well, for all y'all, today is a good one because we're going to digitally fondle some sandal-type footwear.

These white vine sandals feel VERY Lord of the Rings to me
Barefoot sandals or ankle jewelry… whatever you call it, it's gorgeous!
Cream shoes for bridesmaids (that we don't call NUDE!)
ASOS FIONA Tie Leg Sandals

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Comments on Wedding sandals on your feet, and a smile on your face

  1. These are all so cute, and I am a shoe fiend, but the idea of getting married in white Salt Water Sandals just BLEW MY MIND!

  2. I wore fact slippers to my wedding. It was one of my better choices. These would have also been awesome.

  3. I love the idea of getting married in beautiful sandals or no shoes at all really! 🙂 Even though Im getting married in November Im still thinking no shoes or sandals sound like the perfect situation for me!

  4. If someone had come up to you in college and said, “Part of your future job will be to research and collect pictures of cute shoes, ” what would you have said?!?

    And does it ever get old? Are you ever like “Sigh.. well time to go virtual shoe shopping… AGAIN..”

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