This San Francisco photographer may do anything and go anywhere to get you amazing wedding photos

Posted Oct 28 2016
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All photos by Dustin Cantrell
All photos by Dustin Cantrell
Dustin Cantrell is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!
Offbeat Bride loves San Francisco photographer (and longtime sponsor) Dustin Cantrell so much, that we actively follow his Instagram page. We highly recommend it for the non-stop flow of wedding photography gorgeousness, and his stories that totally prove that he'd pretty much do anything to get the right shot. (We're talking covering himself head-to-toe in plastic to shoot a very rainy day wedding.)

We've also followed him long enough to know that he'll do whatever it takes to give you amazing wedding photos no matter where you're getting married.

Check out these incredible shots from his wedding and engagement shoots all over the world…


No, seriously, how far did Dustin have to hike to get this shot? Are those jagged rocks!?


Oh oh! And do you remember when he introduced us to intimate photo sessions?


Don't like to pose for engagement photos? Screw it, just cuddle instead, and let Dustin work his freaking sweet magic!


Even his clients know that Dustin goes above and beyond and delivers like WHOA…

"Let me just start with the fact that Dustin is an amazing photographer. We just finished looking at our wedding photos and could not stop smiling. They really took us back to that beautiful day! I would have to give him 15 out of 5 stars; 5 for enthusiasm and passion for what he does, 5 for going above and beyond for us, and 5 for capability and talent. He rescued us about six weeks before our wedding when, our original photographer wouldn't get back to us, and really put us at ease. He captured our moments beautifully and vividly. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. Thank you Dustin!"


"We knew from the outset we wanted photos that captured more than traditional portraitures — we wanted images that caught natural moments and emotion; yet excellently produced. Dustin delivered 100%. The photos, both from the engagement session and wedding, were superb. Secondly, Dustin was so professional (organized, timely, a good communicator) but also warm and relaxed. He got all of the shots that were important to us (and photos we didn't even know we needed until we saw them). He managed to both fade into the background (I didn't notice him at all during the ceremony, yet he got so many great photos), and then give good direction when needed, wrangling large and loud families, and offering my husband and I helpful guidance as we "posed" throughout the day. We really look forward to an opportunity to work with Dustin again!"



With all those keeping-dry-in-a-deluge, hiking-over-jagged-rocks, and wrangling-large-family-members skills, would you believe that Dustin is offering six hours of wedding photography coverage starting at $2,800? Get in contact with Dustin today and start believing.

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