San Francisco's Tristan Crane Photography helps you celebrate authentically while saving cash!

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Holy crap, Jody and Anthony's heavy-metal, super hero wedding is AWESOME!
Holy crap, Jody and Anthony's heavy-metal, super hero wedding is AWESOME!

Tristan Crane is a Bay Area-based wedding photographer who shoots weddings as diverse as his wedding clientele. His shooting style is a mixture of photojournalistic and event photography, with a bit of glamour. You've probably noticed Tristan's fantastic images in several Monday Montages.

But now it's time to talk all about Tristan Cane Photography, and why our LGBTQ, plus-size, and alternative lifestyle readers will be excited about this particular sponsor.

TC_2First of all, I love Tristan's attitude towards wedding photography:

I'm personally queer-identified and support the rights of all people to be married, partnered, or committed to one another in the way they choose. I believe in freedom of religion, and personal expression, and that my job is to document each ceremony with regard for the personal and religious beliefs of my clients. I have been blessed with a diverse clientele, and look forward to each unique ceremony.

TC_4On top of having the best dern outlook on celebrating your partnerships authentically, Tristan can handle whatever you throw his way. He's had experiences with weddings ranging in size from 10 people to 200+. He's shot handfastings, courthouse weddings, and commitment ceremonies. He's shot a weekend wedding in the Mendocino woods sleeping in cabins with no heat, shot in the rain on top of mountains outside of Yosemite, and dodged cable cars on Nob Hill in San Francisco to get the right shots.

Now, what if I told you that you can get all that talent, great attitude, and open-mindedness at a special discount…

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Tristan Crane would be happy to offer Offbeat Bride readers a 15% booking discount off your wedding package! Just mention that you found him through us when you contact him.

TC_5Finally, I love that Tristan "gets" our readership — admitting to regularly sending clients to Offbeat Bride "for inspiration and to see more brides who look like them: women of size and people in alternative relationships." Clearly, you've already discovered the awesomeness of Offbeat Bride, now all you have to do is discover the awesomeness of Tristan Crane for yourself.

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