David at Ohana Photographers clued us in to this stellar superhero-meets-Halloween-meets solemn ceremony wedding in San Diego. It began at the San Rafael Catholic Church where Jennifer and Bryan met in their ceremony duds — but from there it all went nuts.

Check out the transition from church ceremony to “TEAM AWESOME” at the Museum of Man in Balboa Park on September 13, 2011.


Here's a preview of the alter-ego madness that happened at the reception. But in the meantime, let's admire their lovely ceremony.

Epic church shot! They always look so grand from this angle.

“We deeeed iiiit!” So far the normal citizens get married and no one is the wiser to their crime-fighting powers.

This is getting kind of spooky. Check out the creepy font and scroll-y skull.

Aw shit! Giant skull on the wall time! Now we're talking some serious Halloween business up in here. The couple projected horror movie clips on the wall too.

Team Awesome arrives to work it big time in their shiny, sexy, bad-guy-smackin' outfits.

All the guests were asked to come in costume. But if they didn't and the mood started to take hold, Jennifer and Bryan offered a costume table with masks! Everyone wins.

Signature toxic cocktails with eyeball garnish. I'll take two, please. Easy on the eyeballs.

Are those churros? Mmm churros, accompanied by what can only be pink glasses of mojo?

The adorable (and kick-ass) couple get a few laughs in, which really can't be hard at this party.

Their zombie cake gets what's coming to it machete-style.

The table numbers were names of fictional pubs from movies and television. Moe's Tavern! Woo hoo!

And here is where I go googly-eyed. Spooky-themed candy buffet!

The wedding party wasn't the only group to represent the superhero genre. Here are Batman and Robin getting their groove thang on.

More costumes plus a sock monkey! The day is made after that.

Jennifer and Bryan included cardboard cutouts of themselves in purposely cheesy poses for their photobooth. Bonus: here's a slideshow of all the photobooth shots for your perusal!

Luke, I have your rings. And I'm keeping them.


For more of this formal-meets-costume bash, head on over to Ohana Photographer's blog.

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Comments on The wedded unveiling of Team Awesome in San Diego

  1. OMG, I love your wedding! Especially the boots. :swoon: Also, totally loving the superhero outfit on the groom.

    Kind of a dumb question, but was the brides outfit based off of Sailor Moon?

    Also, did you have any difficulties with family members or the priest? I come from a Catholic background as well but a few of them are freaking out over random stuff with my wedding planning such as a short dress or no veil. Any tips are helpful. ^_^

    • I was thinking an conservative “Emma Frost” for the bride’s dress. The pose in the one picture nailed it for me.

    • It looks to me like they had a “normal” ceremony, complete with a tux and gown, at the church. It’s at the reception that things went wild. Not a bad compromise if a Catholic (or other conservative religious) ceremony is important to you.

  2. OMG! Everything about this wedding is SUPER (pun intended)–so awesome–I am absolutely floored. I have just the friend I need to send this post to, as it would be a PERFECT fit for his wedding! Thanks so much for sharing!!!


  4. SO SO SO awesome!! Please tell me – where did you get, or how did you make those chalkboard quote bubbles? They are the BEST prop for a photobooth!

  5. This… amazing

    My own Hallowedding is coming up next weekend and my boy and I have many of the same ideas as this couple….but not as well done. Note to self: don’t look at any more Hallowedding profiles until your own wedding is over, lest their sheer awesomeness make you feel totally inadequate. O_o

  6. I have two words to describe this.
    “Holy” and “shit.”
    This looks like the most fun wedding in the universe of weddings.

  7. O. M. G!!! Kick ass photos!!! This wedding looked like the wedding of the century!!! So effing uhmazing! I bet their wedding album is so effing rad! Jealous. Jealous. Jealous.

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