Kitschy-fabulous salt & pepper shakers as cake toppers

Updated Mar 21 2021

I love multi-purpose wedding stuff. One of our orange coral centerpieces sits on my bookshelf as decor, and every time I look at it I get the warm and fuzzies thinking about our wonderful day. I also wear my wedding flip flops all the time with the same results. So when I saw Tribe member Kim's (aka. "uloveit") wedding cake topper choice, thought it was a great idea! Kim found a pair of adorable salt and pepper shakers to adorn the top of her cake…

Kim's cake topper:
Rocking Elderly Couple According to her wedding planning update, she's going to accent this cake topper with the Mary-Chapin Carpenter lyrics, "Grow old along with me" on the cake. Romantic overload.

Kim inspired me to look into some other salt and pepper cake toppers (because how nice would it be to have a functional cake topper that you could use all the time?), and found an incredible array of choices. So I'm gonna share with you my favsies…

Click the photos below to learn more about each kitschy-fab set!

Bride and groom:
bride and groomThis one's great for a silly take on the traditional cake topper. And it won't freak out the squares.

T-shirt and jeans couple:
Forever in Blue Jeans What I love about this one is that it could be uni-sex. It actually reminds me of this lesbian cake topper that one of our offbeat brides found.

Biker couple:
MWAH Biker CoupleWe've feature a lot of couples who have made motorcycles a big part of their wedding. This pair would be a really bad-ass addition to a biker's wedding cake.

Love Birds!:
MWAH Love Birds Salt & Pepper Shakers The great thing about these guys is that their so freaking cute I wanna tear my hair out, and they can work with same sex couples perfectly. They also have a butt-load of other cute animals shakers as well — horses, elephants, mice, cats, hippos and "french kissing" snails!

Hawaiian Couple:
MWAH Hawaiian Kiss Salt & Pepper ShakersI actually own these guys. I totally should have used them as our cake topper for our Maui wedding.

MWAH Penguins Salt & Pepper Shakers I think this one would be awesome for offbeat couples who already have a kid or are expecting. Penguins mate for life and just have the ca-yutest babies!!!

Hippie toppers:
Mwah Kissing Peace Frog Salt & Pepper Shakers Hippie Couple Magnetic Shakers SetPerfect for the bohemian, hippie wedding. Love that one frog throwing up the peace sign. Makes my little heart happy.

Dog owners?:
Boston Terrier Dog Salt and Pepper Shaker Set KitchenThere are so many different types of dogs to choose from. My favorite, as a Boston Terrier owner, is the one pictured above. (Btw, just found my mom's Xmas gift!) They also have bulldogs, poodles, yorkies, boxers, beagles, labs, chow chows, sheep dogs, wiener dogs, pugs in argyle sweaters and so many more.

They even have wedding dogs!:
WEDDING dog Aye CHIHUAHUA magnetic SALT Pepper SHAKERS cake topper

Okay, I'm gonna stop geeking out now. Check 'em out yourself because they're so many more to see. And if you end up using one of these options, leave your choice in the comments!

  1. I love that one! My friend bought that set when I bought the Hawaiian one. Her husband is a boat captain and she has a thing for mermaids, so it was all too perfect.

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS!!! I have been going around in circles looking for a kitschy topper. As soon as I saw this it was like a light bulb going off. Now I've got too many choices…never a bad thing 🙂

  3. Anyone seen tiki guy and gal shakers? Our wedding's at Bali Hai restaurant, a kitschy pop-Polynesian themed restaurant from the early 60s. A cute tiki couple would totally kick ass!

  4. Dudette, this rocks so hard! FH's grand has a salt and pepper collection. I could barrow one that reminds me of us. That would be great for including family in the reception. I can't wait to swing this idea past him.

  5. If you go to Etsy and search for vintage s&p shakers, you'll likely find some adorable ones. I found vintage squirrel ones and deer ones a few months back but didn't even think of this use, so I didn't get them.

    I am maybe kicking myself about that a little, because the squirrels were awesome.

  6. We bought some vintage penguin s&p shakers from a shop on Esty for cheap! The boy penguin is even rockin' a top hat! I love this idea!

  7. Thank you for this post!! The first thing I ever bought for my fiancee was a tortoise and hare magnetic salt and pepper shakers. I never would have thought to use them as a cake topper but it is a great idea.
    No more stress over my topper! : )

  8. I would really like to purchase a set of grow old with me salt & pepper shakers to go on top of a cake for our parents combined 80th Birthday this year and so I am wondering how I can order them. I have gone onto etsy and can't find them.

    Many thanks

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