Going down the rabbit hole with Ruby Shoo wedding shoes

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Ruby Shoo almost reminds me a little bit of Irregular Choice‘s shoes. We're talking funky and loud, with lots of focus on patterns… but also some frilly little details like bows and flowers. Best? These are all available from Amazon for around $70 – $80. One downside is that sizing seems pretty limited… but with shoes this affordable, you sometimes have to take what you can get.




Ruby Shoo Women's Poppy Mink Mid Heel Court Shoe Pumps

ruby shoo hope

hatty pink




Ruby Shoe Issy Red Spots Side1458663305.jpg

ruby shoo HeidiBeige

Ruby Shoo Poppy Ivory Floral Side1458662787.jpg

rubyshoo emily dusk

Random bonus weird thing you can register for:

Ooh, is that a self-watering wall planter urn thinger? YES IT IS!

Self Watering Wall Planter Urn

(Pro tip: set up a universal registry on Amazon to immediately add weird shit like this to YOUR registry.)

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  1. Oh MAN those purple shoes though..
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