Have a Rubik’s Cube competition instead of a first dance

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Photos by Craig Volpe

Sometimes you just don't dance. So what do you do if you want to have a little reception highlight as a couple without hoofing it to music? How about a little friendly competition between newlyweds? In this case, Amy and Jess decided on a Rubik's Cube battle!

Here's how it went down:

My sister/maid of honor/emcee called us down to the dance floor, and we assumed the dancing position while she started the music. The music was our cue to reach over and grab two Rubik's Cubes from our friends at the nearest table, who had previously been assigned the task of messing them up. Despite the fact that I'd been the one who taught Jess how to solve a cube when we first met, he won the competition.

Check out the rest of Amy and Jess' glittery rustic barn wedding, because there is a TON to see.

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  1. I would win! My partner and I each have a Rubik’s cube, but mine’s looser (his sticks weirdly sometimes) so I usually win.

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