Discounts, giveaways, and exciting brand NEW designs from Royal Steamline

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Since they've been a longtime sponsors of Offbeat Bride, most of you have probably already fawned all over Royal Steamline wedding invitations. Their amazing invitations are created by two designers who want to offer non-traditional brides and grooms wedding stationery to complement your unique events — original vintage, steampunk, gothic and retro designs that are not available anywhere else.

If you've been drooling over these invites (and less face it, most of us DO) then get your salivary glands in check because they just released two new invitation lines AND they're offering an exclusive offer to Offbeat Brides AAAAAND they're hosting a give-away! (I know, right!?) So keep reading…

New designs

Royal Steamline now has three invitation lines:

  • Signature Series: over 100 readymade designs, most of which we have already fallen deeply in love with.
  • Silhouette Series (new for 2012): rich black ink printed on a variety of papers that the you select (including thick kraft, natural linen, and extra heavy white linen). This line was introduced as a means of offering y'all Royal Steamline's incredible style for a greatly reduced price.
  • Studio Series (new for 2012): new shapes, beautiful papers, foil stamping, even deeper customization. This is the series for the couple looking for something truly different.

New deals

Royal Steamline is giving away two of their custom stamps (one address stamp and one monogram stamp) to Offbeat Bride readers. Click here to enter!

And while you're waiting to win an awesome stamp set that you can use LONG after the wedding's over, it's time to find yo'self the perfect invitations for your wedding right now by taking advantage of this exclusive offer:

Exclusive Offbeat Bride Offer: 15% off of Royal Steamline Save-the-Date Cards if you use the promo Code: RS+OBB=15. This offer expires February 14th, 2012, so head over to Royal Steamline now!

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Comments on Discounts, giveaways, and exciting brand NEW designs from Royal Steamline

  1. I click the link, read the article – it says fill out form below. There’s no form – just a line saying “Uh oh! It looks like you’ve already submitted two entries.”


  2. When I click on the link to enter, it says I’ve already entered twice. Anyone else having this issue?

  3. Thanks for chiming in, everyone. We’ve let Aerin at Royal Steamline know that something seems to be wonky with her entry form.

  4. Thanks for your entries everyone! Keep in mind that you can only enter our giveaway once for each stamp (for a total of 2 entries).

    If you’re seeing a message that you’ve already entered twice in error, please email your entry to [email protected].

  5. I don’t know if I’ll ever get married 🙁 but I know who I’d want to work with! Their retro style is just awesome. Oh and I did not have a problem entering the competition!

  6. I loooooove these people. Our Save-the-Dates were awesome, and it was really easy to communicate with them about everything. We wanted to go with the matching invitations, but couldn’t afford it. We did finally give in and get some thank-yous though, which are fantastic! I whole-heartedly support these dudes. (and btw, the quality is very high, you don’t need to worry about getting samples first if that’s what you’re worried about.)

  7. We got our invites (Steamside) and they are AMAZEBALLS! Really awesome and professional!

    It’s really worth it!

  8. I have having issues with the monogram. It kept saying that “This field requires an unique entry and ‘No. 4’ has already been used”

    Weird. No issues with the address option though.

  9. No love for the Brits, boo! 😛
    Haha I’m just jealous coz I wanted to play too!

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