Wrap your winter wedding menus with rosemary for a sweet-smelling reception

Updated May 21 2019
Menu bundled with rosemary sprig
Photo from Two grooms steal secret vineyard kisses and dance the hora at their California wedding by Karenscape Photography

I am huge into herbs, so I gasped out loud when I saw that Jeff and Brandon tucked sprigs of rosemary into the menus at their wedding. My favorite! If you're not familiar, think of the warm comfort foods of winter — turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and so on. You've probably eaten them flavored with rosemary!

This herb's smell is savory, refreshing, and oh so appetizing. That makes it the perfect complement to a menu at a winter wedding! The aroma is subtle enough that it's not going to knock anyone off their feet, but with a sprig at each plate, rosemary will definitely lend a delightful aroma to your reception area.

Now if you've priced fresh herbs at a grocery store, you may be rolling your eyes at me. A sprig at each plate, really? BUT. Here's my secret. Get thee to a nursery right now. I bought a decent-sized rosemary plant just last week for around $30, and it's ready to harvest gently right away. Bonus if your wedding isn't for another year: you've got time to plant the bush this spring and reap a larger harvest by the fall!

And if you live somewhere more forgiving than the Midwest, psh. Plant a rosemary bush right now and have deliciously fresh sprigs for years on any menu ever JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN.

  1. This is a great idea! And the symbolism of rosemary is perfect for a wedding: it represents love, loyalty, remembrance (as in Ophelia's line from Hamlet: "there's rosemary, that's for remembrance") and the sun. It used to be traditional* for brides to carry a sprig in their bouquet (*I don't have my folklore books to hand so don't have a better reference for this than wikipedia and a vague memory of my mam telling me this when I was helping her in the garden one summer!).

  2. I love this!

    We are doing hops everywhere – the tables, sachets in the chapel, etc, around place settings – so it smells absolutely wonderful and divine. Dried hops are very lovely to see and smell but cost almost nothing in comparison to roses.

    • This is genius. My wedding colors are green and white and we are both big beer fans. Mind if I steal your idea? I LOVE IT!

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