Romantic pink wedding shoes (plus a couple dresses)

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Ok, fine. I'll be honest: this is not my native shoe. I go for VERY LOUD shoes, leaving the romantic/vintage stuff to the legions of romantic/vintage wedding blogs.

But I want to have a go at these romantic styles, which by their very nature, are a little bit softer.

We're talking dust rose and lace edging. Vintage-tinged styles in shades of champagne and dove with petal detailing. This is a departure, my friends. But I'm ready for it. LET'S DO THIS THING.

In fact, I'mma do this thing so hard that I'm going to even include some non-shoes!







Oh and I promised you a few dresses, right?


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Comments on Romantic pink wedding shoes (plus a couple dresses)

  1. Ooh I want the bright pink with the purple flower! And they’re kinda romantic…

  2. So maybe not romantic (in the traditional soft colors and delicate details sense) but your loud shoes all have a vintage vibe. Anything t-strap feels a little vintage, the beads look like cherries which is a classic vintage motif, and wedges are very ’40’s. I think you did a great job, way to expand your repertoire.

  3. LOL, I was wondering if you’d be able to hold out! I’m more of the vintage, classic, softer type, so I LOVE most of these – especially the ones with fabric roses – swoon!

  4. That first pair of tan shoes… fabulous!

    I’m personally looking for some fabulous purple shoes, but if I weren’t, I’d really have a hard time NOT buying these!

    • Mary, I’m pretty sure they make these shoes in purple. They’re gorgeous. I was thinking of getting myself a pair in purple to wear with a black cocktail dress to some weddings I have coming up.

  5. Oooh, these are just the sort of things I’m looking for. Only, not in a heel…hrmph. That one wedge open toe is nice, though. A possibility!

  6. I so want that last pair! But they’re out of stock. And that’s good, because I so don’t need to be spending money on non-wedding stuff right now. And my dress is blue. And I already have my shoes! 😉

  7. Gonna have to side with Ariel on this one, If a shoe looks like a bag of skittles exploded nearby, I love it. And besides, why can’t a shoe be covered in rainbow guts and still be romantic at the same time?

    I like the nina critias above, in yellow or red.

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