Romantic wedding shoes that cost too much (but are gorgeous)

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Butter Womens Chicomum-B Platform Pump

Normally in my wedding shoe picks, I focus on two things: funky and a range of prices. I like to ensure that for every $200 shoe, there's a $50 shoe; for every rainbow platform, there's a dayglo wedge.

Well, today I'm going in a different direction. Today we're having morning wet-dream about overpriced, completely gorgeous romantic and slightly more traditional wedding shoes. By romance I mean shades of ivory and pale peach with feminine detailing; and by overpriced I mean some of these cost twice my catering budget. Today we're just about pretty ruffles and day dreams. Some days, that's just what you need. On a different note, wait until you see the random bonus shoe. HAAAAAA!

As always, click the shoes to learn more

Stuart Weitzman Bridal & Evening Collection Glitsy (Silver Raso) High Heels
Kate Spade New York Sala (New Grey Satin) High Heels
Kate Spade New York Charm (White Multi Glitter/Rose Petal Pink Satin) High Heels
Blue by Betsey Johnson Gala (Silver Fab) High Heels
Nina KAREN (Ivory) High Heels
Kate Spade New York Sage (Porcelain Patent/Petal Pink Patent) High Heels
Badgley Mischka Finley (Ivory Satin) High Heels
Isaac Mizrahi New York Lizette 4 (Gold Multi Fabric (Glitter)) Women's Shoes
Badgley Mischka Flair (Ivory Satin) High Heels
Blue by Betsey Johnson Gown (Ivory Satin) High Heels

Random bonus shoe

2Dyefor - Multi 9

Comments on Romantic wedding shoes that cost too much (but are gorgeous)

  1. Wow I bet we could DIY a couple of those with some simple heels and a trip to the craft store…especially that lovely white slingback with the teal flower…hmmmm.

    • Totally was thinking that! Within reason of course, dont want to completely create a homemade knock off

      • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a homemade knock-off. If the thing for sale is something you can create on your own, with your own hands, then it’s not unique enough an idea to be classified as proprietary. Like the one in the middle of the 2nd row…a white flower on a shoe is not someone’s creative or intellectual property even if another white flower on a shoe happens to look just about the same.

  2. These are really fun, but I am still jazzed that I found satiny flats for a whopping $5 at Goodwill – look like new. My dress covers shows anyhow, so this was a great way to cut corners with my budget. Anybody feeling me?

  3. I adore the tulle ones! If I were wearing heels to my wedding, I would totally rock them. However, my slippahs are the shoe du jour.

  4. In the world where I could afford that first pair I could also wear them without killing myself.

    Also, there are unicorns.

  5. Those Kate Spades are on sale. $150 isn’t so bad for shoes.

    I actually figured you were going to post some $800 Jimmy Choos or something! $300 is in splurge distance for a committed shoe fiend…

  6. If you click on lots of those shoe pictures, they’re under $200.

    I actually advocate, if it’s possible, spending some money on your shoes. For one thing, you’ll be in them a long time, standing around. Plus, you have to walk in them with ALL EYES on you and so you want them to be well-made and comfy. Not that cheaper shoes can’t be those things, but personally I have had better luck with higher end shoes.

    Also, you probably can’t wear your wedding dress again, but you could wear your wedding shoes again. That was a big part of why I splurged on mine. I will wear them again, and I wanted them to be well-made (which, again, is not exclusive to expensive shoes but in my experience, higher end shoes last much longer and wear better).

    I mean, if you think about wearing a $400 pair of shoes over the course of many years, it’s really not that bad. Right? RIGHT? (This is what I tell myself, anyway. I designed custom shoes with Milk & Honey. They are delightful. I do not work for them nor am I affiliated with them in any way, except for being a very happy customer.)

  7. I’m not really much of a shoe person, but…I lurves that first pair of shoes. It might have to become a DIY project. ^^

  8. These are mostly very pretty (some I love, some I don’t love so much but that’s OK, everyone has different tastes), but yeah, a lot of them could be DIY’d. Some truly could not. I love the one with the greenish blue dip-dyed flower in the top row but honestly, I probably could make something very similar myself.

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