Rockabilly lesbian wedding with a nontraditional red wedding dress

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 | Photography by Charles Lee Photography
Photos by Charles Lee Photography

Offbeat partner: Dawn & Jessica

Date and location of wedding: Virginia's House in downtown Glendale, AZ — 04/01/2016

Our rockabilly lesbian wedding at a glance:

Jessica and I are a very artsy quirky couple. We love to laugh and be goofy with each other (for instance, her nickname is Nerdface and I'm Pixie). So naturally, we had to do something different. We decided on a rockabilly theme with candy as table centerpieces and silly photo props were everywhere.

We insisted people wear black and red. I even wore a nontraditional red wedding dress, which I'll explain later. Our night was so full of love and fun! I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Tell us about the rockabilly lesbian wedding ceremony:

So funny story…When Jessica and I first met, her friend asked if she was into me. Her response was “maybe”. So with us getting married on April Fool's Day, when it came to my part of “Do you take this woman?” I said “Maybe.”

Her and I were the only ones that got this reference, but it was perfect. Our vows were short and sweet. We knew our love for each other, so we didn't make a huge thing about the vows.

Tell us about the rockabilly wedding reception:

We danced the night away. I even had a few friends try to do the Dirty Dancing lift. I made my own playlist, which included everything from our couples song “Shut Up and Dance” all the way to “Monster Mash”. We really wanted to show our randomness in the music. It definitely paid off.

What was the most important lesson you learned from your wedding?

Honestly, it was finding the right dress. I knew in my head what I wanted. I couldn't find it anywhere. So I had to think outside the box. So for my nontraditional red wedding dress, I went with a tea party dress found in the bridesmaids/prom section. So be open minded. Look outside the box! Magic can be hiding there!

Vendors behind this rockabilly wedding:

Photographer: Charles Lee Photography


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  1. I love this! We had a red and black wedding too, and my wedding dress started out life as a second hand maid of honour dress!

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