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Diana (pictured above on her wedding day) is a self-described “one-lady sweat shop.” Based in her home town of Miami, Florida, she cranks out the custom dress gold as our newest sponsor, Miss Brache.

Miss Brache is all about custom bridesmaids and wedding dresses in rockabilly and pin-up styles. And we're talking some SERIOUS custom dress action — from making her own wedding dress, to a zombie wedding dress, to perfectly mis-matched print dresses for the entire bridal party!

Diana has made custom designs for all kinds of weddings that really let each bride's personal taste shine through. Let's all gawk over her designs, (seriously, wait until you see the custom, rainbow-striped, retro confection!) and talk about how you can get a special discount for one custom-made for YOUR wedding day.

When it comes to Miss Brache dresses, anything can be customized — from sizes, to colors and prints, to pattern changes like different sleeves, etc.

I work with each bride to make her unique wedding ideas come true. I'm happy to make all kinds of changes to my work to fit each bride's needs. I love making special things that make all women feel pretty, sexy, and fun just the way they are.

Diana also designs her own prints, like this rainbow stripe pattern! Those stripes can be made in any color, by the way. I love this dress for a daring bride. Just WOW. Of course, I love just about ANY of these wedding dresses for our daring brides. I mean a one shoulder, aqua ombre, tea length gown!? Come ON with this!

Diana can also make many of her dress styles reversible, like the one pictured above. Yes! That dress goes from subdued to wild at the flip of a skirt. That's some major bang for your buck. These just may be the bridesmaid dress that they WILL wear again, and again, and again.

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Miss Brache is offering 15% off of all bridal party and wedding dresses for Offbeat Bride readers from now until October 20th. Just enter coupon code “BEETS” at checkout.

Now, y'all know we love us some colored crinoline, so maybe you if you already have a dress, you could easily add a pop of personality with one of Miss Brache petticoats. I don't care if you use a Miss Brache design under your dress, as your dress, or for your bridesmaids dress, just promise me you'll show us the photos. But first you have to get yourself over to Miss Brache's awesome Etsy shop!

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Comments on Miss Brache makes wedding and bridesmaids dresses that you’ll wear over and over

  1. And the PETTICOATS! They are SO FLUFFY I COULD DIE. *koff* I looked lots of places for soft (not scratchy!) chiffon petticoats to wear under my wedding dress, and ended up with the one I coveted from MissBrache. She even customized a length for me, which was great since most off-the-rack petticoats wouldn’t suit my tea-length skirt.

  2. Aw man! Where was this post when I was planning my wedding? Gorgeous dresses and those petticoats are to die for!

  3. Hooray! Sending links for almost all of these to my mom. So amazing. So pretty!

  4. This makes me so happy. I opened my email today, knowing I should stop looking for hours online for dresses and hoping I’ll find the dress when I stop looking. And there was this post in my email! After a terrible dress shopping experience and no luck online, this came at the perfect time. 😀

  5. Oooh, I just bought her basic swing dress in all while about two weeks ago for my wedding – wish this coupon deal had been around then! I can’t waaaaaaaait until it gets here, I’m excited. 😀

  6. Oh goodness, I have been coveting that rainbow dress for a long while now, and of course here is OBB rubbing it in my face. I LOVE this shop, I am a super etsy stalker of it and will definitely be ordering from her as soon as I can narrow down choices. So many lovelies!

  7. Imagine my excitement when I saw the creator of my dress featured on my must read email of the day! She’s wonderful and uh-ma-zing. I received my dress last week, and it’s just the most perfect creation ever. She’s so nice, so fast, and the dress is to die.

  8. yes!! I’ve been ogling her etsy site for months now, trying to decide between dresses for myself and my maids

  9. Very lucky to find Miss Brache when I was in search of my dress, even luckier when I found out she was in my city. i was able to work one on one with her and had my dream dress. She is THE BEST!!!!

  10. I bought my dress on Etsy too, though a different seller. This shop looks amazing!

  11. Awesome!!! I have been in contact with Diane working on my creations. This is awesome!!!! She has great designs and ideas. So excited to see her featured!!!!!

  12. Diane made my custom made my dress, and I’m absolutely in love with it. I’m getting married on the 15th, and my FH doesn’t have a clue about what my dress is going to look like 😀

  13. I definitely thought the girl in the rainbow stripe dress was wearing a snorkel.

  14. Diane made my dress for my wedding last year. It is beautiful, and I have seriously never owned a dress that fits this well. It was really the best decision: a custom-made dress, fit to my specific measurements, in fabrics that I personally chose, in record time, for a fraction of what I would have paid at a bridal boutique. I could not have been happier with the result. Diane is truly fantastic.

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