I LOVE the wedding ring tattoos and I love that our Offbeat Brides have come up with so many different ways to make theirs their own, from initials, to names, to bands and engagement tatts.

While it's worth noting that tattoos on the hands can fade or blur with time AND that finger tattoos hurt like hell (more than tatts on fleshier skin!), we still think these are awesome.

So come with me as we enter the wonderful world of wedding ring tattoos! A truly great way to show how insanely committed the two of you are.

Here are a few of the awesome offbeat couples that have graced us with pictures of their wedding ring ink…

our wedding bands!Check out Katie and James here, instead of wedding rings they got tattoos, and instead of a wedding ring tattoo they got each others first initial tattooed on their ring fingers.

wedding date tattoos, about 5 minutes oldRight after their ceremony Annie and Rob went into another room with their tattoo-artist friend who did their wedding ring finger tattoos right then and there!

The Anti-Engagement RingCheck out Christine (of the astronaut wedding)'s “anti-engagement ring” tattoo. I love that it looks like a funky piece of jewelry.

Diyan & AniDiya and Ani got each other's name tattooed on their ring fingers instead of a wedding ring.

wedding ring tattooThis is Morgana, of green and purple fairy wedding dress fame and her wedding ring/palm tattoos.

Wedding TattoosI dig how Jen and Grady's wedding ring tatts don't match. As Jen explains,

Grady and I wanted really personal wedding tattoos. Being that he is a bass player, I had a bass clef tattooed on my ring finger. And got an infinity symbol tattoo which matches and infinity symbol I have on my right wrist under the letters L.V.A. which stand for Love. Value. Appreciate.

Julia & Shannon-0056
This is Shannon and her wedding ring tattoo. Her wife Julie said, “I love that this shot shows her tattoo wedding band, which is now usually covered up by her ring. So handsome.”

Oh, so that wasn't enough awesomeness for you? We've got even MORE wedding ring tattoos! And, as always, if you have a wedding tattoo upload them to our flickr pool and tag it “wedding tattoo.”

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Comments on The wonderful world of wedding ring tattoos

  1.  *le sigh* such a neat and practical idea, but my SO refuses to have anything other than a real ring. 🙁

    • Ugh. Yeah. My human “refuse[s] to get any damn needles stuck in [him]!” so it’ll just be me getting a wedding tattoo…which seems a little sad and solitary, but it’ll mean something to ME and maybe he’ll appreciate that I did it for him and did something other than the typical “your name here” on some part of me.

  2. My husband is applying to med schools and if he becomes a surgeon, he promised me he’ll get either Rachael or Taken on his ring finger because he’ll have to take his ring off so much. : ) Also my uncle got my aunt’s initials after we told them our idea because he’s always hated wearing a ring.

  3. Those are awesome, but a quick word to the wise. I’m currently doing an apprenticeship to be a tattoo artist and here’s a word of caution.

    Tattoos on the hands (particularly the underside aka palms) often fade or blur with time, so before too long your ring tattoo might not look so awesome as before. This is usually predominantly a problem on the palm, not the knuckles, and when a tattoo is very intricate and detailed.
    Just something to keep in mind!

    • Yes, this. I’ve never seen a ring tattoo that looks good after a couple of years.

      • But that just means that you’ll have to get the tattoos re-done every or so often. which seems like a great excuse to have another re-commitment celebration! woo!

        • i just wanted to add, that me and my FH are thinking of doing this. It works for us, because my brother is a tattoo artist, and since we were some of the first people who let him practice on our bodies, we get free tattoos for life!

      • When I worked at the pool, there was a couple with wedding tattoos – but they were armbands instead of rings. They were happy with their decision, too. 🙂

          • My husband and I are getting them done for our 1-year… so I will post those pics when they are done. We settled on arm bands because of the rings fading, blurring. Even re-touching the blurriness doesn’t go away.

    • Yup! My fried had a word tattooed running down his index fingers to where the thumb starts and he would have to periodically get it touched up. It hurt like a motherfucker, apparently. But the part that faded the worst was the part near the thumb base, so…

    • Double, triple and quadruple agree with this point. If you’re pretty kind to your digits, then this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. But for people who wash dishes by hand (without gloves,) do manual labor a lot with their hands or jam their hands in their pants pockets a lot, this might not be the best route from an aesthetic point of view.
      I would recommend pretty strongly against a particularly complex or detail-oriented design for this area of the body. You can get them touched up, but the more you get it touched up, the more ink you’re adding to the area–and thus the chance that the area will just turn a bit muddy.
      My advice for ring-tattoo seekers would be to consider how you use your hands. Places where your hand tends to rub (either against itself or against other things, such as jeans pockets) will be the places where the tattoo will wear most.

    • it really depends on the person putting the ink in ,, ive been tattooing a long time and it really is the ink that is used the use of the hand the aftercare and the person placing it ,, ive done rings that are lasting a very long time because they are done properly with the best pigments and the aftercare was taken seriously and followed by every step,,,

    • I was gonna say the same thing! Plus the last picture is driving me crazy!!! No gloves and not holding the machine right!!! Grrrr!!!! But some of these are cute too!

  4. For someone who is constantly losing jewelry, tattoo rings seem like a pretty awesome idea for me.:]

    But on the flip side, there is always that worry about the tattoo becoming blurry over time, or, worst, not actually ending up “happily ever after” with the person whose name or whatnot is tattooed on my hand.


    • Yes as someone who made it to 4 kids and 8 years and now single I am so glad we never got ring tattoos. The past year has been hard enough with my rings put away in a locked safe until I’m ready to decide what to do with them. Im thankful I didn’t have that on my skin everyday. Curious anyone who gets them when you decide on the design do you in the back of your head think “this would work well if I ever needed it created into something else”?

  5. My SO and I are planning on having our “ring” tattoos done at our reception; he’s designing mine and I’m designing his. I really suck at drawing, and am relieved that I have over a year to come up with something magnificent! 🙂 Thanks for posting these!

    • You could always design it and then let the artist ‘touch it up’ so it’s also perfectly drawn.

      It was really important to me that I design my tattoo, but it was also important that it all be straight and even (celtic knotwork, looks weird if bits are different sizes/shapes/angles) so I gave my slightly wobbly design to the artist and he re-drew exactly the same thing but perfectly straight.

      I don’t know how you’d feel about it but I thought it was a good compromise between my creative desire and lack of actual talent.

      • I have a tattoo of my a drawing that my finance drew when he was five. My artist even got the crayon lines right! Granted it is on my shoulder though!

  6. Personally, I love that idea for engagement tattoos, but my fiance doesn’t want any ink on his body at all..

  7. FH is a tattoo artist and we definitely want tattoo rings, but we also want real rings.

    He got me a beautiful, traditional, solitaire engagement ring, and we plan on getting a simple band to match.

    I’m getting him a “fidget ring”:

    I’m also getting our wedding date tattooed on my right wrist in binary (1000-1110-1010).

    But we still don’t know what kind of ring tattoos we want… le sigh.

    • LOL, Wired calls that Kinekt ring “mechanical catnip for nerds”! My fiance would never ever stop playing with it!!

      • lol – awesome
        Mine probably won’t, either…

        Our only concern is that he won’t come out with size 6 rings before the wedding – 3 months away. I’m trying to find something similar, just in case, but this seems to be one-of-a-kind.

    • ohh my…i may have to get this for my brother for crimmis or somethin. hes is huuuuge gear nerd. thanks so much!

  8. My fiance and I are planning on doing the wedding ring tattoo thing. He is really into an ouroborus, and i like the idea of a claddah ring, so we are hoping to meld the two ideas somehow.

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