A skull-filled Halloween wedding with on-site ring tattoos

Updated Oct 12 2015

Michelle and Shaun planned a Halloween-meets-heavy metal wedding with barbecue, kegs of beer, and skull details. And get this, they got ring tattoos… AT THE WEDDING! If that's not kicking ass, I don't know what is. Altared Visions photographed all the skelly details and lovey-dovey moments in their Massachusetts backyard that we now get to see.

Is that a skeleton hand bracelet?! I had to find it.

Thanks to Pam from Altared Visions for sending this AMAZING wedding, perfect for our Halloween week.

Here are some of the awesome vendors:

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  1. Gorgeous wedding, but outside tattooing gives me the cringes. I'm sure their artist knew what she was doing, I just can't imagine how sanitary the outside is.

  2. I can't believe how timely this post is!!! I seriously spent like 2 hours online yesterday trying to see if anyone had ever done on-site tattoo rings because my partner has his heart set on it. This totally made my day!

  3. I am always impressed with this photo team. They seem to have found the perfect partnership. I hope to be on the site someday right next to them. Kudos James and Pam!!

  4. This is so wickedly cool. My fiance's a tattooist, but the regulations in our state are so stringent that tattooing can only be done in a licensed body arts facility, which means my half-joking hope of getting wedding tattoos on site (by him, no less!) can never be fulfilled :/ Heck, tattoo conventions aren't even held here because of all the red tape *eye roll*

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