Meet the BWPFFs: Best wedding photographer friends forever

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rhode island wedding photography: Meet the BWPFFs: Best wedding photographer friends for life
All photos by M.Studios

In all my years writing about wedding photography, I've seen a lot about married couple teams, but this is my first time highlighting a a photography business made up of two best friends! Our sponsor M.Studios is the Rhode Island wedding photography team, comprised of besties Melissa and Marisa. (Seriously? That's adorable.) who describe themselves as…

rhode island wedding photography -- Meet the BWPFFs: Best wedding photographer friends for life
Hey look, it's Marisa and Melissa!

We are fun, laid back, a little inappropriate but professional AF when we have to be. We shoot many weddings, but our favorite are the quirky ones.

We love our offbeat clients because, well, we are offbeat. We want to click with our people so we can not only create photos that last forever, but good memories… maybe even friendships.

I have already fallen hard for these girls, and I'm sure you will too. (I mean, I dare you to have a scroll through their Instagram account and NOT want to be their friends.) Here's why…

Amazing photos

Maybe it's the fact that they've been shooting weddings for 12 years, or maybe it's their best friend powers combining… But more than likely it's both of those things, plus the fact that they'll do ANYTHING for the perfect shot, that makes their photography just so damn KILLER.

M.Studios is also featured in our Offbeat Vendors guide!

After 12 plus years of shooting weddings there is nothing we can't and won't do to make your photos amazing. If something needs to be climbed we are on it! Do we have to walk on a frozen pond? We will do it (even though Melissa is deathly afraid of falling in ice… but yes she did face her fear to get the shot!). We have been bruised on dance floors, suffered horrible cases of poison ivy, gotten our work clothes soaked and wet in the ocean, and we do it all for you.

I don't even want to know how dangerous this was for them to shoot this.

Super-fun times

If you're based on the East Coast, and you're looking for a photography team that will not only give you amazing wedding photos, but will also add to the over-all good wedding times, then these girls are your girls!

They were so. much. fun. So great to work with, so professional, and they totally rock at what they do. Melissa and Marisa are such a great team, and they were great at helping me look, you know, like a supermodel. "Hey guys, how do I do this pose so I don't have a double chin?" They wrangled my double chin, and my disorganized family, and my super-late groom, without breaking a sweat and they looked like they were having fun while doing it. We saw the preview shots the next day and I was just over the moon with excitement about them. -Kate (via WeddingWire)

Special Discount

Because they're just wracking up the awesome points, M.Studios also provides a special discount for our readers, which is especially awesome if you wanna import the best friend goodness to your neck of the woods…


M.Studios is offering 20% off any travel fees for any couples that mention Offbeat Bride.

So what are you waiting for? Contact M.Studios today and meet you new besties ASAP!

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