You've seen these two before — now get the full story!

Photos by Amanda Brooks

The Offbeat Bride: Crystal, Graphic Designer

Her Offbeat Partner: Andy, Art Director

Location & Date of wedding: Private residence in Palm Springs, CA — Sept. 17, 2008

What made our wedding offbeat: We didn't set out to have a theme wedding but, by combining all the things we loved, that's what happened!

We were looking to have a ceremony that was stress-free and in a location that we could get excited about. Keeping it simple meant having the ceremony without guests let us have a day that was very personal and relaxed.

Finding Mandi was my biggest coup. I wanted a photographer who could get as excited about the location as we were. Keeping it modern in a retro kind of way — try to explain that one!

Our biggest challenge: Organizing everything from Vancouver took some time but by using the internet and having some faith it all turned out.

My advice for other offbeat brides: Go with what works best for you.

We did have a dinner with our immediate family at home in Vancouver a month after the wedding. Having the private ceremony was in no way a slight to our families, it was important for us to have something that was fun and just for us. We'll be following the whole thing up with a big party next year for our friends and extended family.

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Comments on Retro Palm Springs Wedding

  1. Glad to hear of someone else having a private ceremony and open reception later. That’s just what I want! Lovely! Thanks for sharing your day with us!

  2. I love it! WHere did u find such a great place for your photos? Thanks for sharing!

  3. THANK YOU for giving more details – but please do tell where you got your dress and crinoline!

  4. Hi all, I had the dress made by a local dressmaker – it cost about $400, that can give you some incentive to go that route! The crinoline was the stiff polka dot fabric over black crinoline and was sewn into the bottom of the skirt.

  5. I think you two are just about as cute as couple as there can ever be. So incredibly photogenic! Thank you for sharing your photos with us 😀

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