Retro-styled undies to go under that retro-styled wedding dress

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VINTAGE SHAPER GARTER SKIRTInstead of ogling shoes this week (…I KNOW!), I'm going to take a quick moment to enjoy some underwear.

Specifically, retro-styled underwear that could go awesome under a vintage-influenced dress. We're talking high-waisted, low-hipped, and all awesome.

Now of course, as with all things Offbeat Bride: I'm not saying anyone has to wear underwear AT ALL on their wedding day (I am in full support of free labin'!), but if you want underthings that match your mid-century outer-things, there are some great options. Sadly, I'm not finding a ton of plus-size options other than the vintage garter skirt featured up top here… Hips ‘n' Curves is good at many kinds of plus-size lingerie, but retro-y undies ain't one. Awesome vintage-styled bloomers? Yes. Sexy plus-size honeymoon get-ups? Yes. Retro-styled plus sized undies? Not so much.

Oh, and duh alert: this post is about underwear. You may not want to read it if you're at work and your boss hates underwear.

Random bonus undies!

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  1. *cracks knuckles*

    A few plus-size retro-underthing options for us plus-size pinups:

    Hips and Curves High Waisted Cheeky (not direct-lift vintage, but definitely vintage-inspired) (up to 5X):

    Rago Firm Shaping Girdle high waist(up to 8XL):

    Rago Panty Brief (up to 8XL):

    Rago High Waist Panty (up to 8XL):

    Rago Firm Shaping Girdle Skirt (up to 8XL):

    Lane Bryant Purple Satin and Lace Brief (up to size 28):

    Medium Shaping (meaning not a super tight contouring fit) Girdle Skirt (up to 8XL):

    Sexy briefs from Ewa Michalak (the site is in Polish, but WHOA DANG there is some hot retro biz happening here):

    Rago Lace Waist Cincher (up to 6XL):

    Rago Red Satin Waist Cincher (up to 2XL):

    Rago Leg Shaper (bloomer length) (up to 8XL):

    Stockings and Romance Black Open Bottom Girdle (up to 5X):
    –In red:
    –In white:

    Stockings and Romance White Secret Corsolette (up to 5X):

    More pretty Plus Size Panties from Elomi:

    Go forth and be saucy.


    [Edited to add more panties since I realized I pretty much only had girdles at first. Whoops!]

  2. The cute red undies in the last set are by Parfait by Affinitas, if anyone wants to shop around for prices. The set name is Charlotte, and there are high waisted, regular panties, and some cute bras. ;D The place I work at has them and oh boy they are super cute in person.

  3. Secrets in Lace I believe has plus sized retro style undergarments, also TrashyDiva and PinupGirlClothing have some selection as well. (I used to work at Bettie Page, but they sell Secrets in Lace. I think Secrets calls it thier “Curvy” collection instead of “Plus Sized” and ModCloth has a lot of stuff as well and most of my former customers found their sizing info to be very accurate and the customer reviews to be helpful!
    Also, thanks!

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