Have your DJ or MC remind people to sign the guestbook

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Offbeat Bride Tribe member Aquaring recently chewed over a few of her wedding day regrets, and shared this smart tip:

Have your DJ announce / remind people to sign the guest book at some point during the night. Ours got found and signed, but only by about half the guests. Sure, some might have not signed even if an announcement was made, but for people who didn't realize it was there or who were planning to “get to it later” it would have been a good reminder. I also thought that maybe a cute sign on the exit door asking people if they signed the guestbook might have helped out.

This raises the question: what are y'all using for guestbooks anyway? And have you checked out our archive of offbeat guestbook ideas?

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  1. I’m curious about what other people are doing. 🙂

    My partner and I used Mac’s “Photobooth” the first night we met to take a bunch of pictures while inebriated and I saw a Pinterest idea of having your guests hold up a chalkboard with a message/advice on it in photo guest-books. So I think I’m going to combine the two ideas (but only bring my iPad mini, not my laptop to the venue) using the “Wedding Booth App” and two dry erase boards for people to write advice on.

    I haven’t yet bought the app, so if anyone has used one like it and has advice please share. I like that it has a countdown timer on screen and that it does NOT put the images into a photo strip. It does include an area for people to enter a guestbook message, but I’m hoping use the dry erase boards instead. I think I’ll have to buy the app soon-ish and give it a run through. I want to see if you can save the pictures without the “guestbook message” next to them.

    Edited to add: I looked at SparkBooth first (gotta support the OBB sponsors), but it looks like they don’t have an ipad version… please correct me if I am wrong on that.

  2. In the spirit of keeping it simple and inexpensive, our “guest book” will be a stack of 3×5 cards, markers, and a glass penny-candy jar. We’ll put up a sign that says “write us a note, draw us a picture, or give us some advice, sign your name, and then put the card in the jar.” I’m hoping to get some fun creative responses, and then later I’ll put the cards into either a decorative box or a photo album.

    I also plan to designate someone to go around and remind people to actually do this!

  3. Spot on about getting someone to announce the guestbook! In our case, my stepfather (who was also our MC) noticed that our guestbook-poster was empty, so he announced it at the end of our wedding breakfast. I’m so glad he did that because we got so many lovely messages that we would have missed out on otherwise!

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