14 pairs of *slightly* more regular Irregular Choice wedding shoes

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These Irregular Choice shoes are $120 on Modcloth.
These Irregular Choice shoes are $120 on Modcloth.

Last week, Catherine featured a pair of truly outlandish Star Wars Irregular Choice shoes. Now of course those are over-the-top and amazing, but here's the thing… not all Irregular Choice are that far off the charts. In fact, many of their styles run more towards just the “unique wedding shoe” end of the offbeat spectrum.

Today I'm going to put together a post of slightly more traditional Irregular Choice shoes. I mean… just slightly. They're still weird, but no guests will be blinded in the wearing of the shoes in this post. I am a firm believer in blinding folks with your shoes — but I get that not everyone wants to do that, and that not every wedding outfit is going to be built around, say, blinking rainbow high tops.














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  1. Oh man I loved the idea of Irregular Choice for my wedding but thought they were just a little too out there. I had no idea they came this toned down!

  2. Awesome – my shoes are on here! I have the plain white, sparkly pair for my wedding. I figured they were *just* unique enough without having to answer questions about my shoes all night long (my dress is tea length, so they’ll be on display). I love them!

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