Should we mention our registry on invitations to our reception?

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My fiance and I are considering eloping, and then celebrating with a small-scale party when we get back.

Is it still kosher to say on those invites that we're registered?


Gift BoxesWhile eloping and then “getting weddinged” is a great plan, it's just not cool to put registry info on ANY wedding invitation — whether you're getting weddinged or doing the full shebang.

Call me old fashioned, but I just don't see invitations as the place to ask for gifts. Invitations are about telling your guests how much you love them and that you want them to be with you as you voice your commitment to your party.

To clarify, I don't see this as an “offbeat” issue…. To me, it's more about how you want to manage communications with your loved ones. A communication that says “We love you, come celebrate with us!” just doesn't feel like the place to say “…and here's what I want from you.” Imagine sending a love letter that ended with PS: I like milk chocolates and yellow roses, and I'm home on Sunday evenings if you want to swing by with something wink wink ow my eye. It just doesn't quite fit with the spirit of the communication.

The easiest way to share registry information is via a wedding website. Include the URL in your invitations, and then folks can get all sorts of additional info — venue details, directions, and your registry. Think of it this way: the invitation is all about THEM. Your wedding website can be all about YOU. I touch on this a bit in this advice video.

As for whether you should register when you “get weddinged”? It wouldn't be my inclination, but I think it's up to each bride to do what feels right.

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