The hunt for red wedding flats

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red wedding flats

A few days ago, I was sniffing around the Offbeat Bride Tribe, and found a bride who was bemoaning her inability to find red flats that were working for her.

In a show of epic and awesome Offbeat Bride helpfulness, several members had posted links to all these sweet-ass red flats that I was like WOAH. WUT. ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS UN-HEELED EYEBALL-JACKING OF HAPPINESS? And thus, a shoe post theme was born: red flats! Below are a few of my favorites, combined with a few of the suggestions from Tribesmaids.


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Comments on The hunt for red wedding flats

  1. I’d been searching for some red/burgundy flats for forever and finally found a super comfortable pair made by Hush Puppies! They’re called Adalia and I super love them. Maybe you could add that to your list 🙂

  2. That last one and the double strapped beauties are just so cool! I’ve always wanted red shoes, but never made the jump. Haha, redness shall be mine.

  3. Is it possible for you to do this for white dress wedges.
    I have the situation that I don’t want to be taller then my hubby to be, it’s a garden ceremony and not the best at walking in high heels all day. I dnt want flats cuz I would like to feel a bit sexy in some heel on the day. But I have had no luck in finding a nice white or silver dress wedge!
    Thanks heaps

    • I just got some amazing white wedges from poetic license for all my bridesmaids (and a pair for myself, just because I like em…and I usually HATE white shoes) I think they’re on sale and called something like spitfire. Can’t link right now, sorry.

  4. My bridal shower was Wizard of Oz themed (as it is my favorite movie of all time) and a friend of mine gifted me with ruby red glitter ballet flats – which I changed into during my reception. Everyone loved them! Yay red shoes!

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