Hey, remember the adorable first swing dancing couple that we featured a little while back from OBT member bmwbzz? You know, these guys…

Swing Dance!!

Well check out what popped up in our OBB Flickr pool…

Oak Park beotches!Hi, they're amazing.

WalkingHer sister made this dress.

Maverick, the pug, ring bearerAnd they had an adorable ring bearing pug.

Hopefully we'll be getting the ENTIRE scoop on this wedding soon (hint hint) but for now, head over to photographer Jeremy Lawson's blog to see the rest of the photos! Beware: they WILL blow your mind out.

Comments on Red and turquoise wedding awesomeness with a cute dog

  1. Oh good Lord, do I love this bride!!!

    Turquoise and red are my favorite colors, so I am currently jealous as can be.

    Mind. Blown.

  2. Seriously, I spotted those photos in the pool and I was like “If this DOESN’T get featured, I might be mad.” I mean, what a fabulous commitment to a brilliant color scheme! How can you not drool?

  3. Red and turquoise! What a beautiful color combintation that I never thought of before!

  4. Okay, I LOVE matching the adorable pug to the groom’s tie and the bride’s dress! The color coordination really makes the images pop. What a beautiful couple.

    I can’t wait to see more of this turquoise and red wedding! Will the ring-bearing puppy be available for rental? So cute!

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