Save The Date cards made from recycled cereal boxes

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Offbeat Bride Tribe member Sara had a dilemma on her hands… “I wanted to make Save the Dates that were eco-friendly and still bad-ass, funny, and that fit mine and the future husband's personalities.” After a few months of pondering this challenge, she and her friend came up with a really awesome solution.

Sara took these:


And made these:



Cereal box Save the Dates! And they're freaking rad!

The front:


The back:


“Each piece became a very personal piece of art and I even felt a little grief when I sent them out to my guests. I handmade all 115 of them. A few wedding party members insisted on picking out certain boxes for their STDs. All in all, it was a great experience and I can't wait to get started on my invitations.” -Sara

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Comments on Save The Date cards made from recycled cereal boxes

  1. I’ve been thinking about using recycled clothes for our invites, i’m really interested in screen printing them and i thought i have so many shirts that i loved but i cant wear because I stained them, it ripped or shrunk and i wont get rid of them because i know i will use them in some craft project I also have a little tiny embroidering machine my mom bought years ago and I thought I might embroider our names on it and then print the rest of the info

  2. Those are neat! I also love that she appears to have my zebra-print couch from IKEA.

  3. what is the name of that comic with the dinosaurs? i used to read it all the time and now have completely forgotten about it…
    I love your idea for the save the dates! very useful

  4. I recieved one of these save the dates and may I just say that mine is AWESOME! I am so excited for this wedding

  5. The comic is called Qwantz and is teh awesomez, as the lolcats say. These STDs are teh awesomz as well

  6. YAY! Thank you OBT ladies for recognizing Utahraptor and TRex! Nobody got that part of the joke. Woot! And thank you for all the compliments.

    • Hey Renee,
      It's post-consumer vellum paper run through a normal laser printer like the kind you'd find at say, my office- ahem. Then I just cut them down to size and stung them with the ribbon. Easy Peasy.

  7. What a great idea! Colorful, cute, creative- AND eco-friendly (the best part).

    *saving in the back of brain in the future-wedding folder*

  8. Well everyone here in Wyo thought that the idea was great and claim you are a Genius. Oh I got the wedding invite and it went over B I G here also… half of Wyo would like to go to the wedding as well. 😉
    Proud of you!!!

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