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WTF is a wedding rehearsal? When, where, and how to do your wedding rehearsal

So what is a wedding rehearsal? As a wedding officiant, one of my jobs is helping you get ready for your ceremony, so often I’ll ask, “Are you planning to have a rehearsal?” So, so often what I hear back is, “The dinner is at 7.” So let me clear something up: the rehearsal dinner is called that because it’s the dinner you have AFTER your rehearsal. Let’s talk about what the wedding rehearsal itself actually is.

This handfasting script feels straight out of a Tolkien novel

Jess and Sarah’s handfasting script was inspired by their love for Middle Earth and Tolkien. Lord of the Rings fans will love how the four elements are symbolized in the four cords this couple used for their handfasting ceremony.

Adventure awaits at this steampunk meets Dungeons and Dragons wedding

This couple tied in elements of steampunk, Dungeons and Dragons, video games, and tons of their favorite fandoms. This steampunk meets Dungeons and Dragons wedding was a testament to how marriage is a great adventure! After all, no one goes on an adventure alone, you’ve gotta form a party. And what a geeky fun party did they have, indeed!

2022’s most magical fairy wedding theme ideas

Planning your fairy wedding? Get whisked away by these magical fairy wedding theme ideas! From fairy wedding invitations to fairy wedding dresses, here are some ways you can sprinkle fairy wedding details throughout your celebration.

Handling transphobic family at your wedding – use this mic-drop wording!

We got this wedding advice question from someone asking how to handle transphobic family or intolerant wedding guests, helping her transgender and lesbian bridesmaids feel safer. Here’s our advice.

Try not to cry at this surprise proposal

Is this the sneakiest surprise proposal ever? What starts as a seemingly innocent mother/daughter getaway turns into a surprise proposal of epic proportions!