10 reasons you need to read Offbeat Bride the book, and not just offbeatbride.com

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One of the most interesting things I'm already learning from my Reader Survey that two-thirds of you haven't read my book, Offbeat Bride: Creative Alternatives For Independent Brides!

I've been wondering why I get so many advice questions asking me things like “Should we just have two weddings?” (it's in the book) and “How can gently give my guests suggestions for how to dress?” (it's in the book) and “Do other people deal with post-wedding depression?” (it's in the book!) … and now I know.

It's a painful irony for me as an author: I set up offbeatbride.com to promote Offbeat Bride, and now it turns out that almost 70% of my readers opt for the marketing materials instead of the book itself! Ack. Despite having Offbeat Bride‘s cover and sale link on every page on the site, I'm doing something very wrong.

I'm assuming you're all thinking “Why read the book when I've got the website?” and so I now present to you:


Top 10 Reasons You Should Read Offbeat Bride The Book, And Not Just offbeatbride.com:

  1. You want to know what one word can diffuse most family drama (page 123)
  2. You want to know how to save money by starting your own wedding co-op (page 77)
  3. You're looking for the whole story about why my mom was talking about “Humanure” the night before our wedding (page 141)
  4. Because you want to know the one question you should ask anyone you're considering as a wedding photographer (page 151)
  5. You want to know how to deal with stoners at your wedding reception (page 179)
  6. You want to read the world's only wedding book that includes the phrase “ass-fucking
  7. You need to know what information you should put on your “wedsite” (page 37)
  8. You want to know what one article of wedding attire you should never drive in (page 49)
  9. You're curious about post-wedding depression and the frustration of “getting wifed” (page 202)
  10. Because you love this website and you want to express your thanks to the woman who makes it happen. 🙂

…Did I convince you? If so, the book is on sale! Alternately, you could add the book to your Christmas wishlist. Since it's only $11 on Amazon, it makes for an inexpensive gift that's easy to give (and receive).

I'll also open this question up to the one-third of you who've read the book: Why do YOU think offbeatbride.com readers should read Offbeat Bride the book?

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Comments on 10 reasons you need to read Offbeat Bride the book, and not just offbeatbride.com

  1. I haven’t bought the book… yet. But as soon as the actual engagement comes (his idea), I won’t feel odd about buying official wedding stuff (He’s okay with my “research” but might freak out about “official” planning).

    This book is definitely on the must-have list, especially because I want to make sure and support one of my favorite internet sites! But I just wanted to point out that some of your readers are technically in the pre-planning stages here, so maybe that’s why you haven’t got all of us on the book-train yet?

  2. I fully intend to read the book, for months now! Sadly, I’m still about 25th in the hold line at the Seattle Public Library. 🙁 Someone feeling particularly philanthopic should donate more copies! ^_^

    On the plus side for you though, Ariel, this means I’m on the verge of finding something to sell on eBay so I can justify just buying my own copy. Ha!

  3. Because it’s not just a wedding book. It’s also a hilarious and well-written memoir about an indie wedding. And the internet, while awesome, is not a substitute for the printed word.

  4. Weddings are an addiction of mine. And, honestly, I don’t want to freak out my boyfriend by buying a wedding book! I fully intend to buy it should I ever get engaged. 😀 Until then, I’m going to keep reading this site to feed my hunger!

  5. The only reason I haven’t read the book is…I’m not actually planning a wedding. I just like the blog a lot!

    But, as SOON as I get engaged (if it ever happens), I will buy it!

  6. I know for a fact that your book is sitting under my Christmas tree! I can’t wait until December 25th!!

  7. i’m with Becca and Amanda and all the others who don’t want to freak out their boyfriends. sure, i’ll totally buy the book if and when the time comes, but right now i’m just window shopping.
    i also like seeing the design aspect and visual aesthetic of weddings. and the site is a nice pick-me-up: pictures and stories of other people who are finding love, celebrating love and enjoying their lives with loved ones make me happy. so that’s my defense…

    as far as reasons for buying the book… it’s like most movies based on books/novels; you just know the book is more detailed. and really, almost everything is better in book form!

  8. I bought it to express thanks and give back to Ariel for the awesomeness of OBB and I wanted to know more about her own wedding. People should read it because it’s damn funny and like Baxter said it’s not just a wedding book it’s a great memoir.

  9. I can’t afford to buy any books, (seriously, broke, even $11 is too much), so I requested that my local library of ye old Decatur, Georgia buy a copy. They bought 9 copies for the whole library system!
    I’ve just borrowed one of them and am thoroughly enjoying reading it. I’ve been watching Offbeat Bride online for awhile, and it is totally worth reading the book, there is a lot in there you don’t get from the website, awesome as the site is.
    Anyhow, I’ll buy a copy one day when I’m not totally broke anymore 🙂

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