Rainy weddings = gorgeous weddings

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I'm a pretty bride!!It's that time of year when all the outdoor wedding brides are FREAKING OUT over the idea of rain.

Believe me, I remember the panic: I spent the week leading up to my wedding reading the NOAA weather report every half hour, freaking out over impending precipitation.

But here's the thing: rainy weddings can be awesome, if you're prepared. In the case of cutie mcbriderson here, that means the most adorable polka dot umbrella evar! Look at that gorgeous diffused light. Look at those polkadots! Look at that green shrug! LOOK AT THAT SMILE!

So rainy wedding brides … fear not. Your day is going to be awesome!

Here are a few more of our favorite rainy shots…

Oh the wind and rain

The Picture


christineff's wedding

In the rain

Take THAT, Rain!

Vampire Kiss in the Rain

We arrive in typical Melbourne weather

The Ladies

You may kiss the bride

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  1. I fear the mud resulting from rain, but I see that everything worked out at this wedding. Very nice and a lovely necklace.

  2. Great post. I wish I could move back to the NW NOW so that I could take advantage of the rain. I am SO ok with rain. As the late Shannon Hoon put it “and I start to complain when there’s no rain” some people just need it.

  3. I just had the most lovely outdoor wedding and it had rained all day and the day before. During the ceremony it let up and was just sprinkling a little bit, but the pictures turned out fabulous and the guests were all cool (since it was a Florida wedding). I thought it was ideal. They even offered to do it inside for us, but we chose outside and braved the weather and had a great time.

    • congrats! How did you keep the ceremony chairs dry? or did you just have everyone stand?

  4. My wedding day was also overcast, as it had rained heavily the night before and also in the early morning. This made for the most AMAZING light for the photographer, and the photos came out really beautiful, as a result.

    Our wedding was in Sri Lanka (my native country), which is a tropical island that’s close to the equator. The light there can be very strong and harsh. But, the slightly overcast conditions that morning made all the difference.

  5. Wow…I just saw photos of this lovely bride last week on Ravelry (a knitting website). Her sister really went all out with some awesome knitted flowers along with the shrug. I hope to be able to have my wedding knitting look even half as good!

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