Rainy weddings = gorgeous weddings

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I'm a pretty bride!!It's that time of year when all the outdoor wedding brides are FREAKING OUT over the idea of rain.

Believe me, I remember the panic: I spent the week leading up to my wedding reading the NOAA weather report every half hour, freaking out over impending precipitation.

But here's the thing: rainy weddings can be awesome, if you're prepared. In the case of cutie mcbriderson here, that means the most adorable polka dot umbrella evar! Look at that gorgeous diffused light. Look at those polkadots! Look at that green shrug! LOOK AT THAT SMILE!

So rainy wedding brides … fear not. Your day is going to be awesome!

Here are a few more of our favorite rainy shots…

Oh the wind and rain

The Picture


christineff's wedding

In the rain

Take THAT, Rain!

Vampire Kiss in the Rain

We arrive in typical Melbourne weather

The Ladies

You may kiss the bride

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  1. I’m kinda hoping it rains, or at least the day before so we can get in and decorate the reception site early (golf course).

    But if it does rain I got some great picture ideas.

  2. My sis suggested the day before our outdoor wedding we go buy ~30 umbrellas, if it doesnt rain we return them! My sis is brilliant!

  3. Preparation and backup plans are vital for outdoor weddings, in my opinion. If for no other reason than to give some peace of mind to the wedding party leading up to the event. Our venue has indoor and outdoor areas which has really put my mind at peace (early evenings in Colorado are the primo time for thunderstorms :)).

    *Runs off to try to locate a pokadot umbrella just to have.*

  4. and actually, rainy/ cloudy/ foggy/ overcast skies can be lovely natural diffusers for photography. I can’t tell you how often I hear apologies for there not being sun (this is the SF Bay Area after all) and I’m like, “I wouldn’t have it any other way!” 🙂

  5. I had a fairly traditional couple get married in Vancouver, BC in February. For the outdoor shots they bought (again, fairly traditional) black and white umbrellas.

    The day came, and it was bright and sunny. Boo. I was looking forward to taking pictures of a couple in the rain. I faked a couple, but it just wasn’t the same….

  6. I am actually hoping for cloudiness. I always think the weather is a lot nicer when it’s cooler, cloudy and breezy outside. I wouldn’t mind the rain either.

  7. i4detail – I’m getting married on Vancouver Island in Nov, and will be somewhat sad if it doesn’t rain! I’m planning gumboots for all the girls, and some kind of fun umbrellas. Ah, the west coast…you just never know!

  8. We’re having an outdoor wedding on August 5th, on beautiful shore side of Lake Nipissing. I am prepared for the possiblity of rain… I bought umbrellas (which is also our wedding favor) for each couple who has been invited. So snuggling is a must if the rain makes an appearence!

  9. I love your green shrug, did someone make it for you or did you buy it? Do you happen to know what pattern was used?

    thanks, shelly

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