We all know I'm a sucker for a colorful wedding, but my eyes almost fell out of my skull when Zahra emailed me about Anya's full-spectrum Australian rainbow wedding … the rainbow dress! The rainbow ribbon veil! The rainbow ribbon-flower bouquet! The RAINBOW EVERYTHING! Of course, it should surprise no-one that Anya runs a website called

All photos by Wildberry Studio & Design

And now, let's see a ton more pictures, courtesy of Australia's Wildberry Studio & Design

Behold, the dress:

Behold, the ribbon veil:

Behold, the kissing of the hottie groom:

Behold, the bouquet made from rainbow ribbons:

The bouquet, in case you were wondering, was made by the bride's mum and her friends. Here's a little video of them working on it:

Behold, more kissing:

Wait can we talk about the dress?

Well, here's the news that may disappoint some of you: ANYA'S DRESS WAS CUSTOM-MADE. If you want one like this, you'd need to have it made for you. Click here for our list of custom dressmakers who specialize in stuff like this. (I think Wedding Dress Fantasy could rock this style especially hard.)

Here's what Anya said about having the dress made for her:

In answer to the question about how the dress was made: it was custom-made for me. I had a friend who is a burlesque dancer and she recommended her friend who is a wedding dress maker by day and a burlesque costume maker by night!

We met up and when I said “rainbow wedding dress,” she was not so sure. But after showing her my drawings of what i had in mind and talking my ideas through she was sold and totally pumped about it!

She made it all from scratch, and had a hard time finding all the colours of netting i wanted. But she blew me way with the result!

The body was all boned and a proper corset (no bra needed!) and the back laced up. The inside was all silk so not scratchiness from the netting.

When we first put the rainbow colours against the dress we decided that it very bright and didn't blend in with the dress to well and so came up with the idea of using a white piece over netting it to tone the colours down and help it blend into the rest of the dress better. I think that's what really helped to pull the colours together!

And yes the veil is simply ribbons tied to a slide comb. Simple and easy!

The bride with her mum

All photos by Wildberry Studio & Design
All photos by Wildberry Studio & Design

Wildberry Studio and Design (2)

Wildberry Studio and Design (3)

Wildberry Studio and Design (1)

If you want to see so much more, here are a few links for you:

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  1. I love it, love it, love it, love it!!! This is so pretty and everyone looks SO happy! *sigh*

  2. I LOVE those ribbon flowers. I LOVE the whole thing. Who needs just 2 colors for their wedding. Have the whole rainbow. I LOVE this whole wedding.

  3. I’m not a huge fan of rainbow, but that dress is FREAKING AWESOME!!! the pic of her twirling around in it is amazing!

  4. How absolutely lovely!! The dress is stunning, the ribbon veil is such a great idea, and the ribbon flowers are divine! You two are such a beautiful couple and I agree with Kate that everyone looks so happy. Way to be!!!

  5. Squee! I think this is the most super awesome wedding dress ever! The bouquet? LOVE!

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