4 reasons to love sapphire engagement rings (one reason is rainbows)

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4 reasons to love sapphire engagement rings (one of them is rainbows)
Sapphire stacks like WHOA!

Don't want a diamond because you're squicky about where they came from? Or maybe you just want something more colorful? But, dang, you want your ring to be durable like a diamond. Then a sapphire engagement ring is the best way to go.

I'm gonna use our sponsor (and creator of my very own custom engagement ring) Joseph Jewelry to illustrate the four reasons that sapphires should become the new diamonds…

4 reasons to love sapphire engagement rings (one of them is rainbows)
This peach sapphire ring might be great for maximum punch impact too!

Hard as a rock

Did you know that sapphires are one of the four precious gemstones that are almost as hard as a diamond. They get a nine out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness! So you can still play roller derby like a monster AND get your bling on like a princess, at the same time.

All the colors of the rainbow

Sapphires come in gray, black, white, violet, green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue… pretty much all hues and shades can be found! If you're looking for a unique colored engagement ring, check out this rainbow of choices:

4 reasons to love sapphire engagement rings (one of them is rainbows)
Red/orange sapphire engagement ring
4 reasons to love sapphire engagement rings (one of them is rainbows)
Yellow sapphire engagement ring
4 reasons to love sapphire engagement rings (one of them is rainbows)
Green sapphire engagement ring
Blue sapphire engagement ring
Violet sapphire engagement ring


Sapphires can be natural, sure. But they can also be lab-grown, to assure that they're super eco-friendly.

Symbolic AF

The experts at Joseph Jewelry tell me that sapphires symbolize "nobility, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness." Which is all (aside from the nobility part) pretty useful stuff in marriage if you ask me. You can pick colorful sapphires in your partner's favorite color as engagement ring accents. And, finally, Sapphire are actually the birthstone for September, and the official gem for 5th and 45th anniversaries.

I could get lost in the depths of this blueish green sapphire ring for hours…

I hope you've learned something about sapphire engagement rings today. Namely, they're awesome and you should get one. So head over to Joseph Jewelry and take a deep dive into their unique sapphire engagement rings!

  1. There are also color-change sapphires that change color in different kinds of light, like alexandrites.

    • YES! My engagement ring (from a stone my grandfather was gifted in Burma in the late 1940s) is three colour changers- we thought while my Granny was alive that it was alexandrite, but we've since discovered it's 'only' sapphires. Depending on the light source it is pink, purple, violet, teal, pale blue or grey. And it is SO sparkly. I love it to bits.

    • Yep! My custom engagement ring has four "parti" sapphires, all different shades of teal-y green, but in different light they can also be a bit yellow, blue, grey, and one of them is so pale it sometimes even looks like a diamond.

      And my wedding band (which I don't get to wear until next January *sob*) is pink sapphires to complement the teal

  2. These are GORGEOUS! Most people mistake my blue diamond for a sapphire because I think most people assume that sapphires only come in blue. When we first got engaged I felt like I was constantly in that scene from Titanic where Rose shows Jack the Heart of the Ocean for the first time.
    Jack (Other Person): "That's nice! What is it a sapphire?"
    Rose (Me): "A diamond, a very rare diamond."
    Except I made that last part up, my diamond isn't rare, but it is blue and pretty!

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