Lace up your white wedding gown with a rainbow of colors

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Rainbow ribbon back of dress

Offbeat Bride reader Katie said that she never thought she'd have a white dress. So, she explained, “I really colored it up with my accessories!” Including this awesome shock of rainbow colors in the ribbon that laced up the back of her gown.

And look how pretty it looks blowing in the wind…

Rainbow effect

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  1. Beautiful! Is that a hand-dyed silk ribbon? Absolutely gorgeous, and I love the rainbow contrasted with the white. I hope Katie had a fantastic wedding day and a great marriage! 🙂

  2. I thought about doing that with my ribbon and didn’t because I ran out of time to find one that coordinated well.

    But Katie’s looks AMAZING and I really wish I had done it too!

  3. That ribbon! I NEED THAT RIBBON!

    I want to do ribbon roses for my bouquet, and I have been searching high and low for a non-wired ribbon to do some of them with. Where did it come from? I MUST know!

    EDIT: Well, look at that. There’s already a link there. NEVERMIND!

    That necklace is stunning as well!

    • It might be worth it to stop by any local chocolate stores that tie their boxes with seasonal ribbons. Chances are that they have a bag of old ribbons in the back room.

  4. I love this. I was thinking of doing something similar, but I’m not sure what thickness of ribbon or what type to use. What do you think? I’m just a little afraid of busting out of my dress.

    • My mom was going crazy about it not being strong enough since I wanted it laced tight not that it was holding me up but just to stay on. So she kept saying she was going to buy a wider width and then fold it in half and sew it together. But we never got to that and I don’t think it ever got looser even though it is just silk.

      Also link to necklace maker-

  5. I had a green silk ribbon to lace up my white dress, loved it !
    It was liked a lot by friends&families as well.

    I wanted a really wide ribbon but couldn’t find one in silk + the color I wanted, so I just ended up with a really thin one (less than 1 cm wide). That upset me at the beginning, but ended up just fine (and the color is gorgeous).

    You can have a peek at it here :[email protected]/9125834223/

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