Me!!! =DThanks to Offbeat Families reader and mommy blogger Laura for letting us know about this colorful bride Megan (love the name) and her rainbow themed wedding in a public park in Nevada City, California. Megan tells me that it was all planned and carried out in a matter of three weeks. And that's from proposal to wedding!

Megan sez: “I LOVE colors, as you can see from my photos. I made my dress 100% from scratch all by myself. I wanted it to be very colorful and ruffly so that's what I did. I also made my little top hat because I didn't really want to make a veil, as my hair was already colorful enough and I didn't want to cover that up.”

For even MOAR rainbow wedding madness, click here and check out the selection of rainbow stylings below:

Rainbow dresses and crinoline

the adorable couple
Brooke has the rainbow crinoline thing down. She's got everything else pure white and just a few inches of colorful tulle peeking out.

Anya went the whole nine yards with a rainbow dress, rainbow bouquet, rainbow ribbon veil, and the sweetest little rainbow parasol.

Post ceremony celebration beer
Stephanie & Charlie had all kinds of eclectic things happening at their “Mystery House” wedding, but the highlight was the multi-tiered, ribbon and tulle dress. Cheers to that, indeed.

Rainbow bridesmaids

Emily with her ladies
It's a rainbow explosion for Emily and her ladies. Wigs! Dresses! Giant paper flowers!

Susan's bridesmaids all wore J. Crew dresses in different styles and colors, forming a rainbow. Cuties!

Jenn and Sarah's “rainbow-fairy-sparkle” wedding featured a whole array of color for their eight bridesmaids. And rainbow wings make my heart happy!

Rainbow gals posing with Reggie's bus in Chicago, proving you only need a few bridesmaids to form a rainbow.

Andrea's crew is sportin' rainbow from top to toes, even in their makeup choice! And who doesn't love those HUGE bouquets?!

Shoes and Accessories

Stephanie's rainbow wedges are adorable with white fishnets and bedazzled bows.

I COVET Emily's rainbow heart necklace!
Mathea's DIY ornament bouquets were featured in a kick-ass tutorial. Just in time for a Christmas wedding?

These rainbow stripe heels are awesome. Oh yeah.

Catie blinged out her own shoes to match her rainbow socks. You can snag your own pair of socks here.

A round rainbow necklace pulls it all together. Get it here.

Cakes and cupcakes

Tribe member Lila made this towering rainbow cake herself. Here's a tutorial for a similar cake, in case this flips your switch.

Rainbow Cake
Mia and Martin's rainbow cake had a skiing theme as well. Plus kilts. Good themes are good.

Picture 3256
Pastel rainbows and baby deer abound on Matt & Kimberly's tiered rainbow cake.

Another tutorial! This time it's rainbow communion bread courtesy of Tribe member Elizabeth Jancewicz.

Rainbow flowers and decor

Something old - my grandparents wedding photo
Liz had these gorgeous rainbow roses mixed in with deeply-hued flowers in her bouquet. Here's how you can grow your own rainbow roses.

Rainbow champagne glasses
Liz also had these awesome rainbow tulip glasses for her guests. I wouldn't want to separate them.

my bouquet
Nicole made these flowers from repurposed filter papers that were used in her lab.

Kara & John's “Taste the Rainbow” Skittles wedding HAD to include a Skittles-themed centerpiece. Behold the result!

When in need of a good send-off, flags and ribbons are perfect for a no-clean up celebratory exit.

Tutorials and other rainbow inspiration:

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  1. I can't even describe how happy this makes me. This county is seriously lacking in color, and this just might be the perfect antidote.

  2. This. Is. Mind blowing. One of the happiest, sweetest looking weddings (imo) I have seen in a long time.

  3. That's pushing the limits of almost too freaking cool! 🙂 And even better, it looks like everybody had a great time!

  4. I'm so glad you guys posted her wedding pictures. Isn't that the happiest looking wedding. Stress free and fun. I love happy people. Congrats Megan!

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