Rain boots and wellies for your wet spring wedding

Updated Mar 15 2021
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If it's September, that means those of you thinking about your Spring weddings are really starting to hone in on your planning, which means we must talk rain boots. Even if you're getting married indoors, if you're getting married in spring then you should think about some wellies — even if it's just for taking a few photos outside.

And so, without further ado, here are my favorite boots for your wonderful wet spring wedding…

AIGLE - Aiglentine (Poppy) - Footwear
AIGLE - Miss Juliette L (Violet/Khaki) - Footwear
Hunter - Original High Gloss (Enamel) - Footwear
Kamik - Flora (Orange) - Footwear
Hunter Original Tour (Blue Lily) Women's Rain Boots
Dirty Laundry - Rain Check (Yellow) - Footwear
Bogs - Rainboot Floral (Black Multi) - Footwear
Dirty Laundry Rain Check (Cobalt Blue) Women's Rain Boots

  1. When it was raining in the morning of my wedding, I was walking around Walmart trying to think of a backup plan for my outdoor ceremony. Since it was being moved inside and I had no indoor decor, we formulated rain boots along the aisle with flowers in them and some cool umbrellas to take photos with. We figured laughing at the rain would prevent me from crying about it. We were also thinking of changing the processional music to reflect the weather, being cheeky. Luckily the sun broke out and I have a beautiful outdoor ceremony like I had hoped. But I did wish I had some really cool rain boots!

  2. Gone with the boring plain rain boots and bring out the colorful different style rain boots!!! these are sooooo cool I would go with these boots if it had rainned on my wedding day!!

  3. political issues aside, Target also has a lot of really cute rain boots in a lot of different patterns and colors.

  4. My wedding is in May, in northern michigan, and to be honest I'm actually hoping for some rain! My FH and I love rainy days, and I have already bought bright yellow boots and an adorable goldfish umbrella in anticipation!

  5. Neat! I just came across this now and I have ordered the featured Chooka Tattoo City boots earlier this week! I am so looking forward to wearing these at our wedding.

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